Championship Results - Sportscar Vintage Racing Association at Circuit of The Americas


Source: Racer Magazine - Sunday, 08 November 2015

Daniel Brown collects his Bell Helmet Trophy from Kyle Kietzmann, President and CEO of Bell Racing USA.

The big victory for the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association at Circuit of The Americas this weekend for the series national championships was that there was a race meet at all. Battered by torrential rain, floods and two tornadoes, the team at America's only 21st century Formula 1 course combined with SVRA officials to rescue an event that was truly in question until almost the last minute.

With tents and other temporary structures torn, twisted and piled in the background the team literally cleared a path to make racing possible. The result was an otherwise trouble-free celebration despite having to relocate elements such as the Motostalgia collector car auction due to water and wind damage to structures originally intended for the purpose.

Clouds threatened and occasionally delivered precipitation on Thursday through Saturday but never washed out the show. The racers forged ahead to complete a full slate of events, including the Trans Am series, which shared the stage with SVRA and was Saturday's feature event. Trans Am winners were Amy Ruman (overall), with Adam Andretti taking the top spot in the TA2 class and Ernie Francis Jr. again topping the TA3 field.

Most of the vintage national championships ran Sunday - which rewarded competitors for their tenacity with glorious sunshine. Below are the overall podium finishers of all SVRA races. In addition to nine national championships there were two "Enduros," the Classic Vintage and the Historic GT/GTP races. Hawk Performance sponsored both Enduro contests. Races held on Saturday are noted in the summary below.

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Bill Treffert (24) 1960 Corvette and George Balbach (01) 1960 Porsche 356.

Hawk Performance Vintage/Classic Enduro (Saturday)

1) Sean and Daniel Brown, 1975 Ford Escort RS Mk1

2) Lee Giannone, 1966 Porsche 911

3) Tom Briest, 1970 Porsche 914/6

Hawk Performance Historic GT/GTP Enduro

1) Bruce Hamilton, 2008 Dallara Infinity

2) Lee Brahin/Skylar Robinson, 1999 Dallara Infinity

3) Travis Engen, 2005 Audi R8 LMP1

Group 1, Formula Junior

1) Ed Moore, 1962 Cooper T59

2) Robert Hoemke, 1962 Cooper T59

3) Bob Koons, 1961 Lotus 20

Group 2 National Championship

1) Tonis Kasemets, 1969 Brabham BT29

2) Randall Smith, 1969 Brabham BT29

3) Ron Horning, 1971 Brabham BT35

Group 3-4 National Championship

1) Stephen Steers, 1958 Echidna Roadster

2) Phil Mulacek, 1964 AC Cobra 289

3) Thor Johnson, 1959 Lotus 17

Groups 5 and 7a National Championship

1) Fritz Seidel, 2004 Carbir CS2

2) Mark Coombs, 1990 Lola T90

3) Dan Cowdrey, 1966 Lola T70 MkII

Group 6 National Championship (Saturday)

1) Ed Sevadjian, 1969 Corvette

2) Fritz Seidel, 1973 Porsche 911 IROC-RSR

3) Todd Treffert, 1974 Porsche 911

Groups 7b and 11 National Championship

1) Theo Bean, 2008 Courage Oreca LMP1

2) Toby Bean, 1990 Chevrolet Intrepid

3) Travis Engen, 2005 Audi R8 LMP1

Group 8 National Championship (Saturday)

1) Sean Brown, 1975 Ford Escort RS MK1

2) Ron Zita, 1970 Porsche 914/6

3) Lee Giannone, 1966 Porsche 911

Group 9 National Championship (Saturday)

1) James French, 1997 Benetton B197

2) Hans Ada, 2006 Swift 16

3) Bruce Hamilton, 2008 Dallara Infinity

Group 10 National Championship

1) Ike Keeler, 1990 Olds Cutlass

2) Sean Ryan, 2006 Ford Fusion

3) Tom Cantrell, 1998 Ford Taurus

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