South Africa is a nation that loves cars.  BMWs, Bakkies, Sedans and Mercedez----all find eager takers in the South African populace. It is often said that ‘biltong and bakkies’ define a South African. In this article, we’re examining and listing some of the all-time top favourites in vehicles (in no particular order of popularity). Read on:

1.  Volkswagen Polo Vivo: Chrome inserts, updated gear-knobs and instrument-cluster define the all-new Polo Vivo, South Africa’s topmost favourite. It is, and has been for quite a long time, the top-selling car in South African markets.

2.  Volkswagen Polo: With its downsized, efficient turbo engines of capacity ranging from 1.4-1.6 litres (delivering somewhere between 55 and 77 KW), stylized looks and German build quality is the key to the Polo’s X-factor. It is a hit with all ages and sexes in South Africa. Hit the showrooms today to find VW Polo or other used sedan cars for sale.

3.  Ford Fiesta: Splendid fuel economy EPAS with pull drift and compensation technology, Ford’s award-winning 1.0 litre turbo engines are economical yet do everything to optimise your riding/driving experience. The Fiesta offers an extremely adventurous drive; its running costs are pretty low.

4.  Renault Sandero: French charm, extra power, splendid performance, high spec levels and great fuel economy are the terms to describe the Renault Sandero. And when you add fantastically affordable price rates, it makes for a party for South Africa’s car-hoppers.

5.  Ford Figo: The foremost feature of Figo is that it has quite high specs. Added to that a high engine displacement rate, good torque and turning radius, it is a lot of fun to drive and does not really burn a h*** in your pocket. Even the entry-level Figo 1.4 Ambiente is equipped with the Ford’s ICE (In-car Entertainment) system, with provision for Bluetooth. 

6.  Ford EcoSport: Powerful modified head-lights, snazzy designed cheek-plates, compact size and good ride quality make the EcoSport a dream SUV for many. Its high seating position and great all-round visibility make it a hit with the older generation as well.

7.  Toyota Fortuner: A quick look at the car reveals: Dual-front airbags, EBD, Brake Assist, the Toyota Fortuner is one of the best-sold cars of South Africa. The fact that a Toyota Fortuner has great resale value and after-sales service, definitely works heavily in its favour. Also as is known to everyone, the Toyota badge is supremely reliable and insanely stylish.

8.  Datsun GO: Cars don’t always need a good ABS or curtain airbags to sell, the Datsun GO proves that. Its most attractive feature is the fact that the word ‘modern’ describes it. Its Bolie Docking Station, Landscape View and USB inputs make it an irresistible choice. All in all, it is a mighty good cheaper alternative to more expensive cars out there on the market.

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