It might be a good time for those in CVAR who may or may not be happy with how things are in the club, to elect someone for whatever position you are unhappy about. I am sure some new blood or old blood is due for some positions. Heck I might even run for a position on the board. Don't just rubber stamp the members. That would be kinda like voting the same old boys into the Kremlin. Just make sure of two things, first make sure the person you want will do it, second make sure that they can get a whole lot of votes.....It's the American way!

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Comment by Brian Goldman on December 2, 2009 at 9:45pm
Roger is correct. I've heard a lot of dissatisfaction about the direction the club is going and some outright disdain about specific individuals currently in lead roles. If you don't like what your paying for then toss them out and elect somebody who will do the job you want. Its your club! if you want to have a say in it then its up to you to decide who you want to represent you. If you like its current direction then that's great. Give them your stamp of approval and be happy about what you got.

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