Aluminum Re-creation of Porsche 550 in production

Hello all, my name is Ozzie Saez, owner of ALLOYCARS and I am new to this site/group. I joined here thanks to an invite from Stephen Page. Thank You!!
I want to alert those of you who enjoy old cars in general that is not only producing very nice aluminum replicas of the 550 Spyder and others, but also exact recreations of the Porsche 550. At the moment we are building a car with the original 4-cam engine and have another 4 cam engine available for anyone interested in a truly unique re-creation of the car that put Porsche on the map.
Note: This is not an approximation or someones interpretation of the 550. This is in fact a car pulled from our own buck/mold, which was milled/cut from 3-D scan data taken of an authentic car. In addition to the exact body and shape of the car, the frame and all 400+ details in and under the car were recreated, recast or milled using over 150 pages of dimension sketches and drawings (blueprints) from that original car. If anyone has questions you can call me or email directly. Otherwise enjoy this site and if it is not against the rules visit our site


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