5 Things to Keep in Your Car At All Times

There are many things you should keep in your car at all times. A spare tyre - for example - is just one of those things. Working out what these things is however, usually comes a little too late. Thankfully this list is here to make sure you have exactly what you need when you need it.

  1. A Spare Tyre: It goes without saying that this is absolutely essential to keep in your car at all times. Just in case you've already taken it out and used it, it's always wise to double check to make sure you still have one in the boot. Of course, having a spare tyre - whilst important - isn't enough should you ever end up in an accident. You will also need a tyre jack and a wrench wheel. Since you're likely to get quite dirty it's also recommended to keep some newspapers to kneel or sit on and a pair of gloves to keep the grease off of your hands.
  2. A Map or Satnav: Depending on which you prefer - technology or a good old fashioned map - it's always wise to keep one of these in your car. It is usually possible to get an A-Z roadmap of all the roads in your country, something which could prove invaluable should you find yourself in trouble. Of course if you prefer using gadgets and technology, you can always opt for a satellite navigation system. Many mobile phones now also include some form of satellite navigation system so check if your model supports this before splashing out on an expensive sat nav system.
  3. A mobile phone: Although you are unlikely to keep this in your car it's always wise to make sure you have one on you when travelling. After all, if you were to break down somewhere you need to make sure you can easily call for help. Help doesn't have to be anything dramatic such as the police or mountain rescue, it could be as simple as breaking down on the motorway and needing to call your breakdown assistance company.
  4. Important Paperwork: It's always wise to carry essential paperwork on you such as your driving licence and details of your car insurance company just in case. Although some countries do not require you to have this information on you when driving, it is always wise to keep them handy just in case.
  5. Finally it's always wise to keep some warm blankets should you ever breakdown when it gets cold. In the unfortunate even that you do breakdown and have to spend the night - or at least a few hours - waiting in the car, you will need to conserve fuel and energy as much as possible. In reality this means that you won't be able to use the heating system as this could kill the batteries. A spare pair of blankets in this case will help keep you warm until you can get the breakdown sorted out.

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