2010 Calendars

The 2010 Calendars are starting to take shape. It is 11 x 17 and depicts race cars on the track. The images are truely a piece of art and sutable for hanging. If you are interested in being in either the vintage calendar or the sports car calendar, contact me via email or land line. There is only twelve months per calendar so the first twelve will be in it.

Sample of the 2010 Vintage Calendar

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Comment by Bruce B Miller on April 30, 2009 at 9:56pm
Good Morning Richard!

This program is set up for drivers fo get their equipment and information in a calendar. It is an item inwhich the calendar would be used as a gift or item to sell. It is really the only calendar that is geared to a car that is turning its wheels in anger.

I would like for the clubs to come aboard as a way to raise funds for the club and at the same time promote the club and each run group.

For your information, to be in the claendar the driver or team has to buy 100 calendars at $20 each. If this is a club backed program, the club will get 500 calendars for each run group, in their club, that signs up and pays. At $20 per, that would be $10,000.

If you are a member of a club and would like to have a calendar done, Contact 11 more drivers in your run group and contact me with your next event. You can reach me at bruce@forza.cc or via land line 832-692-0926. I'm based in Houston.

As you can see by the layout, it will be a nice piece of art work per month. I used this format with a 20x30 Ferrari Challenge Calendar I did a few years ago. It came out great and it was not on high quality paper. The drivers loved it and gave them out as gifts. Some even sold some to cover the expense.
Comment by Richard Bradley on April 30, 2009 at 7:30pm
It's good to see someone else like to look at car as well as drive them. What type of photography are you looking for the calendar? How vintage... Is the '87 Yellowbird vintage enough?

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