Sadly, due to a new job here in the KC area, I was missing from the October Hallett event. I still have my 72-ish Lynx B sitting in my warehouse. I finally made some progress on it recently when I sawed-off the original steering wheel (how did anyone fit in the car??) and had a quick-disconnect hub welded to the steering shaft.

With some wonderful pictures provided by fellow Lynx B owner, Rob Newton, I discovered that one of the fine previous owners had cut off the mounting locations for the Z-bar when they installed the zero-roll onto the car. Drat. At least I have the Z-bar and the aluminum blocks that are supposed to press into the now missing mounting locations. So I have some work to do regarding the frame at that point...not sure of the answer yet.

Now that the car is out of my garage and at my warehouse, I should be able to play a bit on the engine - running a vee in my neighborhood is not a good thing, but running it at the warehouse won't bother a single person.

Once it warms up (yes, we have winter in KC), I plan on at least getting it out to a solo to be sure the car really does run. I'll need some new tires. I'm hoping for a fuel cell for Christmas since the one in the car is not really in racing condition - it is pretty darn old. And finally, there's the issue of the body. The original owner took the early 70's engine cover and placed a GIGANTIC air scoop onto it. So I have some fiberglass work in my future when I cut that horror off.

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Comment by Richard (D***) McBride on December 4, 2007 at 7:42pm
Hi Eric, been wondering how you were doing. Working on grid now with Lisette. Bought Doug Doidge's bus and Jack Newman and I are using that for weekends at the tracks.

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