I thought I would share this with the group.

I ran a non-traditional autocross at a new driving facility just outside San Marcos, Tx called Harris Hill Road. (H2R) The facility is sort of a “no-racing” race track with a club-like membership program that allows members to enjoy lapping sessions during the week and on weekends. I believe the track will be made available for non-competitive club events and lap days. (http://harrishillroad.com/)

The track is well laid out and I would love the chance to drive it without the cones. The owners are in the process of building a clubhouse and garage building. It should be a top notch facility when totally completed.

The Texas Spokes Sports Car Club ran an autocross yesterday at H2R by setting gates, cones and slalom sections at various parts of the course. It was great fun with some high speed sections.

Now my 1147cc Spitfire was not as fast as the awesome 3 rotor Mazda RX8 that set FTD (see Sports Car magazine cover story last month) but I was happy to get it into 4th gear for the first time I have raced it. (see video posted on the site)

The car ran fine, with the exception of having the dip stick pop out on one run. For a moment I thought I had blown the motor but it was nothing more but an oily mess.

Spitfires did very well yesterday with my good friend Don Couch taking first place in HS with an awesome run.


This week I start a braking system upgrade by installing dual masters and the next event planned is race #2 in the 2008 SCCA Southwest Division Solo Championship Series in Pearsall, TX June 6-7 (www.swsolo.com)

Robert MacKenzie
79 Spitfire 1500 (Street)
62 Spitfire Mk1 (Race)
Cedar Park, TX
NASS # 511

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