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Dear VRL crew,

Just wanted to invite you all to keep an eye on the only diary I am writing to keep everyone informed as to my whereabouts. As many of you know I recently moved to the United kingdom from Dallas, Texas to pursue motorsport at the highest level, Formula 1.

It's a long shot, but someone is going to race Formula 1. I am seriously fast, and I think that person should be me.

If any of you are interested in following along I am keeping a a regular diary (writing 2-3 times per week) of everything I have going on over here. The link to the blog is here:


Take a look and I hope you enjoy. I recently moved to Northampton, about 10 minutes from the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, so I imagine things are going to start getting a little bit more exciting.

Best wishes

Michael Johnson

MJDrive Race to Formula 1
This is the uncut and unedited adventure of a racing driver from Dallas, Texas who made a bet on himself, wagering the American dream; for a one in a million shot to move to Europe, duke it out in the cut-throat world of European formula car racing, and land a seat in Formula 1 the pinnacle of world wide motorsports. Welcome, and please tighten down those safety belts.

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Comment by Jerry V. Urban on April 15, 2008 at 8:27pm
Michael, I wish you the very best in your attempt to become a F1 driver. I'll follow your blog and cheer you on. Jerry Urban, Colorado. Vintage FSV racer

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