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More Riverside Photos

Just added a bunch of Riverside Can-Am photos, still more to follow. Rex Mays 300 Indy car races next I think. Maybe Trans-Am,too many to choose from.

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Old Photo Time

Just spent a couple days scanning old photos from Riverside Raceway. Sure brings back memories of when cars were not all the same.

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Posters and pins

What the fun things you find in the closet. Boxes of old pins and ticket stubs,piles of posters. Also more to be sorted and photo'd. It is cool history and always special.

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Sorting the Past

Just spent a couple of days sorting and labeling more photos. Found some from SCORE Off-road races in 1978/1979, also some from the Riverside 6-Hour enduro race. Also more from the IROC races at Riverside. Then there are the pictures from the Monterey Historics 1977/1978/1979. What a collection.

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More Monterey Musings

Another fantastic weekend in Monterey. Great racing and beautiful cars. Perfect weather for a change. Only downer was seeing Derek Bell involved in some strange accident in the parking lot Sat. after the races. If anyone needs a cool transport vehicle,check out Denkel Industries. Huge truck with lots of cool features. Can't wait for the photos to be sent in by all the members in attendance.

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Friday at the Historics

Just spent a great day at Laguna Seca. Lots of cool Porsches. Many here for the first time. Can't wait to see the racing this weekend. The other fun part is seeing all the big buck sports cars parking in the DIRT parking lots. Must take hours of cleaning after this adventure. Don't have that problem with the Mustang!!! Checked out the Vender's Row but managed not to spend anything today, it's a long weekend however.

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Monterey Historics

It's a good day out west. My ticket package for the Monterey Historic Auto Races has arrived. Nothing better than planning a trip to the track. I hope all the west coast members get a chance to see these races. This year will be special with Porsche as the honored marque. Hope to see you there. I'll be the one with the Riverside Raceway Times Gran Prix sweatshirt. Say hi if you see me.

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Just got back from a weekend trip to visit family in Riverside. While there we visited the Riverside International Automotive Museum. A great collection of cars and history from the Raceway. Still growing and adding displays but not to be missed.

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Monterey Historics 1994

How about some photos of Vintage Racing this time? A bit different from vintage Racing photos. Better look fast, more to follow soon--- maybe from Pebble Beach over the years.

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Riverside Raceway 1976 NASCAR

Added these shots from the 1976 Fall NASCAR race at Riverside. Great old cars, from when they were cars first, not racers. I hope you enjoy these.

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Riverside Raceway 1975 October

Here are some photos from The California Grand Prix at Riverside Raceway 1975. IROC and F-5000 practice shots. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Next up is some Nascar stuff from 1976. Keep your eyes open.

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More Photos

It is time to check out the IROC memories. 1973 with the Porsches and 1974 with the Camaros. I hope you all enjoy the shots.

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Whats New?

Just sat down to sort more photos from the past. Todays project---Monterey Historics from 1995. Some great action shots and of course some paddock photos also. Look for them on the web soon. I hope some of you went to the Riverside Raceway Museum and saw the driver get-together. I bet it was a fun time. If you are in the area it is not to be missed. Of course you can always check out their web-site. Back later with more from the Left Coast. DM

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