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How to run a 10.92 quarter mile on bias ply tires!

There are those that like their muscle cars fast, and there are those that like them stock, but never the tween shall meet, right? Wrong.


An organization called F.A.S.T. (Factory Appearing Stock Tire) has been sanctioning quarter-mile races for muscle cars for a long time now with just a few easy stipulations:

  • Your car has to appear to be…

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Brock Yates Jr and One Lap of America

Hi VRL'ers,

I post here from time to time and thought I had something new to share that you might enjoy. I interviewed Brock Yates Jr for the podcast show I host for The MuscleCar Place . Brock Jr is the son of legendary Car and Driver contributor Brock Yates, and now runs One Lap of America! Many of you may know that One Lap is the modern day version of the… Continue

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The MuscleCar Place Podcast - Thanksgiving Show - featuring VRL Member Gary Faules

Episode 25 is ready to go for this week’s muscle car podcast from The MuscleCar Place!

Click HERE to get the show in iTunes!

Click… Continue

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The best time ever to be a muscle car guy….or gal!

I have the chance to interact with a lot of fans of American Muscle cars on a regular basis. I realize that here on VRL people are passionate about old fast cars of all types, but muscle cars are still quite prevalent. I also speak with a lot of people in the automotive and restoration industry as well as those that sell classic cars for a living. Everyone seems to whole heartedly agree – there has NEVER been a better time to be a muscle car guy…or gal!…


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Road Racing with "Mustang Don"

Episode 18 is ready to go for this week’s muscle car podcast from The MuscleCar Place!

1) A few little fun tidbits:

-Barrett Jackson has added in another auction next summer in California

-… Continue

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An Interview with Chris Kaufmann - Ford Racing Legend

I had the opportunity recently to interview Chris Kaufmann. Chris is a Ford racing legend and has really done it all and worked with (it seems like) everyone of note - Roush, Glidden, etc. He's been a drag racer, a road racer, and open road racer, a cop, a business owner, a PR man, a crew chief for Rob Kinnan (Edit of Hot Rod magazine)....and the list goes on! For those that have a passion for racing, he's a person to learn from - no matter where you are in your racing career (hobbyist, novice,… Continue

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What if you could never drive again?

I saw a recent advertising campaign for the new 2010 Mustang. It featured a gentleman that had lost his sight years ago in an accident. One of the things he missed most was the thrill of driving, so Ford created an opportunity for he and a few other vision impaired people to drive the new Mustang on a private strip with former Mustang Trans Am racer Tommy Kendall. It’s a terrific advertising campaign (click… Continue

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Vintage Racing Muscle Cars ROCK!

There may not be a car person on the planet (much less a muscle car person) that does not agree: vintage racing muscle cars rock! Specifically, 1960’s and 70’s era NASCAR and Trans Am cars. Why? Because these cars were…well, just like the real thing – only race cars.

In the early days of NASCAR, the Stock Cars that ran the track were….stock…cars. Well, technically, they were modified a bit, but they started out as Detroit models and… Continue

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Is your muscle car too nice to drive?

A question to pose this week: is your muscle car too nice to drive? By that, I mean to say, is your muscle car too valuable to drive – or built with so much care and so many special touches – that the risk of driving it on the open road is too great?

Would you risk taking this GTO out on the open road?

I’m on vacation in St Louis this week, and Labor Day was just a few days ago. Here in St Louis I saw two mid-1980’s Buick GN’s on… Continue

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A discussion with Kevin Oeste from V8TV

For those of you that are fans of The V8TV Show, this week I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Oeste (head of V8TV Productions) for The MuscleCar Place online podcast.

If you've ever wanted to have your car restored - on a TV show - this is the show… Continue

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How to Insure a Muscle Car: The Saga Continues

Whether you currently own a classic muscle car or you’d like to, and regardless or the year, make, or model involved, we all have one very common need: insurance.

Should you insure this '69 Daytona in the same you do your Toyota Camry? Not on your life!

Ah, insurance – the one word that almost everyone (except insurance agents) say with a tone of disgust. Most of the time, people take on auto insurance policies and pay the… Continue

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Will our kids drive electric muscle cars?

A question to ponder for those of you that love the feel and sound of a high-horsepower V8 engine: will our kids drive electric muscle cars? Could it be that in a few years when you type “muscle cars for sale” into Google that electric cars will be what appears in the results instead of 442’s, Cuda’s, and Javelin’s?

Will kids in the future prefer this....

....or… Continue

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The Latest Fad: Build a Muscle Car that can handle!

Hi VRLers,

Welcome to my blog post! Over the 4th of July weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Heartland Nationals Good Guys show in Des Moines. It was a huge show - cars (and people) were everywhere. I took my family along and we had a great time - especially watching muscle cars at the autocross! Without a doubt, the biggest trend happening in the industry today is getting our old cars to do things they originally hated to do - handle well!…


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