A young looking Ignazio Giunti driving what will be the winning Ferrari 512S at Sebring in 1970. Along with co-drivers Nino Vaccarella and Mario Andretti they would bring home the only points win for Ferrari in 1970. Tragically Giunti would die less than a year later at the 1000 km Buenos Aires race, when his Ferrari 312PB prototype ploughed into the back of the Matra 660 of Jean-Pierre Beltoise, who was pushing the car along the track after it had run out of fuel. Pushing the car on the track was against regulations and Beltoise's international racing license was suspended for some time.

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Comment by Stephen Page on March 7, 2016 at 3:30pm

World class photo and story Loius - thank you :-))
All the best - Stephen

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