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Few Marques have a heritage as rich and distinguished as Jaguar. The company was conceived in 1922 by William Lyons and finally became Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1945.

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Jaguar Leaper/Growler Pictures

Started by Rafe Saber Jun 13, 2011. 0 Replies


Started by Rafe Saber Aug 21, 2010. 0 Replies

Jaguar History

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Comment by Bruce MacCormack on June 28, 2019 at 11:01am

Dedicated to my old friend, Rafe Saber

The Jaguar Connection: Welcome to this new site just for Jaguar lovers, (you do not have to own a Jaguar to join). Started just six moths ago we already have 115 members and growing quickly. We plan for this momentum to continue with more members contributing their photos and comments, making this site eventually to be one of the largest library of Jaguar photos on the web.

Comment by Mark Mcilyar on November 11, 2014 at 4:15pm

Hello fellow race fans,

PLEASE go check out my campaign for Vintage Racer TV Show at

Thanks in advance for any help you can spare. If successful, this project will be fantastic for vintage racing everywhere.

You can also go to (and “Like”) my new Facebook page

I want to hear you comments, suggestions, etc.



Comment by Rafe Saber on September 3, 2011 at 2:59pm

Hello Peter

There are 3 XK 120 Alloy Owners on the JAGUAR SOCIAL NETWORK. Hope you can join to make it four.

Comment by Peter R Zobian on September 3, 2011 at 2:48pm

I have a 1949 XK120 alloy bodied Super Sport roadster that I have owned for 43 years. Any other alloy 120 owners out there?


Comment by Rafe Saber on April 7, 2010 at 10:57pm
Hi My Name is Sir Wm. Lyons and I'm on Facebook

One of the many "Jaguars" you can befriend on Facebook

Something pretty funny is taking place on Facebook. In the last few months there has been a proliferation of names with "Jaguar" as part of a PERSON'S name. Because I run the largest XK/E-Type Owners Group on Facebook I get dozens of these "please be my friend" requests. To illustrate here are a few examples. All Jaguar, Jaguar OK, Jaguar On, Xkjaguar Jaguar, Xclusively Jaguar, etc. Then we have more than half a dozen "pure" Jaguar names. Several calling themselves in doubles and triplicates Jaguar Jaguar, Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar (avatar of a M.E. guy wearing an Arab sheik head dress). I wonder if Mr. Jaguar Jaguar is related to the Arabian Mr. Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar? Of course if we apply Middle Eastern culture to that name it would be Jaguar son of Jaguar son of Jaguar or in his native land Jaguar Ibn Jaguar Ibn Jaguar.

Then of course we have the ghost (or descendant) of Laycock de Normanville and also another person (female) going by the name Lay de N Parts.(??). Strangely enough, doing a search for Lucas Prince of Darkeness yielded zero results. I'll bet it won't be long.

Mimicking Shakespeare's famous words "To BE-friend or not to BE-friend that is the question?".... Definitely worth thinking about

Comment by Gail Hill on March 28, 2010 at 7:14am
well the new season is just a few weeks away and I've had my XJ40 on a rolling road. 262 bhp at the rear wheels isn't too bad. The car has mild cams, 7 degrees advance on the timing and this is with an AJ6 engine! With a bit of improvement to the exhaust and (like me) losing a few pounds I could have a decent chance this year
Comment by David Brill on February 28, 2010 at 7:24am
Read your update Gail. Sounds like a plan and a Miata too huh? Congrats on the award and the new position. LOL Been a slow winter here. In the process of buying a house so most funding is going there, although I will be setting just a little aside to get my VDP painted. Can't wait for the weather to break so I can get the Jag back on the road and the XRS back on the course. Heading to the Glen for an all Vette event (as a photag) in April and several dustoffs are planned for March within the British car clubs that I'm a member. The BIG deal is that I have tickets and lodging for the Grand Prix of Canada in June.
Hope to see you all at either the track or the concours.
Comment by Gail Hill on February 28, 2010 at 7:15am
I'm really looking forward to the new season. I was voted drivers rep this year so am busy getting loads of entries for the first race at Snetterton in April. The only trouble is my car really needs a fresh engine but funds don't permit currently and here I am getting more of my competitors out to race! I think I might be going backwards to start the year but a few cheap upgrades might keep near the front..happy racing to you all for 2010
Comment by Glen Magree on February 23, 2010 at 2:44pm
I had a lot of fun blowing the doors off what were supposed to be faster cars during rallyes in the early 60's with my 53 Mark VII that i maintained myself. Somewhere in my collection is a picture.
Comment by Joe Davis on February 10, 2010 at 3:33pm
I have always loved Jags (120 & XKE my favorites), from the time I was a kid living in Wash DC, down the street from Manhatten Motors, a Jag dealership. I was an ambitious kid and bought (for $150!!) a large old (and sinking) classic cabin cruiser at an auction when they were trying to clean up the Washington Marina for President Kennedy. I made enough money on that sale to buy a very nice two year old XK 150 Roadster. Since I have owned XK 120s, MK 1 and others.

Now I have a few nice XJSs, a nice MK 9, and a some not running XJSs, an XKE, a 420 and others to be restored when I soon retire.

I have approached the NorCal SCCA about establishing an XJS Championship Series/class. There are Getag 5 and 6 speed kits (with clutch pedals and etc) out there, and various carb setups available that would uncomplicate the car. With all the FI/intakes/Air Conditioning and etc gone, the engine compartment seems huge and very easy to work with. When setting up a championship class you may specify options outside the factory equipment, meaning holley or weber carbs, 5/6 speed gearboxes an etc will work, even Ford and Chevy motors, if the group agreed on them. The UK and Austrailia already have an XJS class.

I realize that the XJSs are not that popular, therefore you can buy them for nothing, but I happen to like them as touring cars and I know when the gadgets are stripped and weight reduced, they can become awesome race cars. As we all know, Group 44 was very successful with them.

I own an old WWII airfield ( and I am contemplating doing vintage airport racing (like the old Santa Barbara Road Races).

It is great to be on a Jag blog. Thanks for the site and those who manage it. It is well organized and easy!!


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