as i said in ed 1 of the trdc mag fancie dress national weekend northampton july 4th disco come as the person you most liked in the years the tr 7 was made eg BLUES BROTHERS /PHIL COLINS /ORVIL the duck what ever how many of you are planning to take part and do we want it as a 70s n 80s disco night im hoping john clancie will make a promo video to promote the event on the trdc web page four 2010 please if you know a member who is going to the saturday night ask them what they want and let me know it makes life so much more fun if we know what people want ? and please not on the thursday before the event

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At the National there will also be 2 runs through the Northants countryside, a concourse event, regalia for sale and best of all a chance to catch up with old friends.

This is a must for all 7s and 8s.

The TRDC are the "World's Friendliest Car Club" so if you free that weekend pop to Billing and have some fun.


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