This discussion inspired by the Jim Clark documentary. What do you recommend?

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Here are 3 of my quick recommendations:

50 Years of Formula 1 On-Board - Ardennes Productions

Grand Prix (1966 Movie) - Warner Bros.

Race Car Driver - Reality TV Series - AMS Production Group
Well, obviously I can't vote for my own productions! lol! But I would HIGHLY recommend David Weguelin's videos 'Motorfilms Quarterly'. He produces FOUR of these 90 minute dvd's EVERY year! We are currently on volume 22!
Check out
Last night I had a chance to see the 4 Volumes of Shell's History of Motor Racing. I highly recommend these as well. Unfortunately I don't know when they were produced, or where one could purchase them.
I had a chance to see "Graham Hill - Driven" tonight. Gary was right!!! What a great show. I certainly highly recommend it to anyone that has a chance to see it.
Scott, on which channel did you see the Graham Hill programme? My friend Mark Craig certainly knows how to put together a programme and tell a story.
I was lucky enough to see a recorded BBC copy. And it was a great job!
Mark's new Jim Clark documentary goes out on the BBC here in the UK on Saturday evening. We're hoping it will get picked up by a network in the US soon, too.
Yea, that would be great as well. But we need it here in Canada too. I believe ESPN Classic Canada carries different programming than ESPN Classic in the states. For example, we get classic Champ Car races in Canada and I don't think they do in the states.


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