What track is your favourite track to visit and why?

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I would have to say Mosport for me. It's the closest track for me, and there are a lot of great viewing spots all around the track. Great atmosphere as well.
From a photographer's point of view Laguna Seca. Laguna's history or reputation also draws great drivers and cars to each event. The track has multiple points to shoot from then if you add in the often-changing weather you have a good chance to get nice images. The staff is friendly as are the competitors. The Monterey bay area has a real cross section of accommodations and the same for eateries.
Mosport is great for photographers as well. But not as good as it once was with the addition of catch fencing. I understand the safety concerns etc., but it did take some good spots away. They did listen to the photographers and put in some photo holes though.
Laguna Seca is a track that I would love to visit some time for sure.
Dear Dennis, maybe you are right from the photographers point of view, i have only driven and not photographed there , but for driving and especially in a Formula Junior, Thunderhill is much more exciting. the Thunderhill corkscrew makes the Laguna Seca one look like childs play!! i was a semi professional photographer/journalist for F1 and world sports car championship in 1975, but i suppose that the Nürburgring must be tops for photography as the F1 cars has all 4 of the ground!! Zolder and Zandvoort were also good from the photography point of view. i have raced at about 50 different tracks, but the list of very exciting ones would still be quite long.
I will shoot Thunderhill for the first time this year. I hope to be there for the F5000 race May16/17. I was at Zandvort in 71 wet wet and windy cold. My only F1 in Europe but a great one. Wonderful track with lots of sand dunes. I was hitching around Europe and N. Africa after a tour in the Air Force and just happened to be in Holland the weekend of the race.
hello dennis

see if you can get somebody to drive you around he track!! as you americans say "awesome" !!! i am not sure i would like to pedal a F5000 around there, but i really enjoyed it in my FJ Terrier, the bend immediately after the corkscrew (if my memory serves me right) is an adverse camber corner which closes, i tried to be clever and overtake on the outside, spun off and laughed !!! on the way to the circuit there is s Denny's, which make great breakfasts!! only about 1/3 of the original Zandvoort track remains, they have totally rebuilt the rest. the main straight, tarzan bucht, and the following left hander remain, the rest has chainged
I have been lucky enough to run at both Laguna Seca and at Thunderhill and they are both great. I would have to say that Laguna is my favorite and probably because of its long and exciting history. i hope to someday run my car at Elkhart lake as I have heard that it is also a very exciting place to drive.
Thanks, Marc
Watkins Glen configured with The Boot. A very fast track with lots of elevation changes and passing opportunities. Inside the Toe of The Boot you are 20 feet from the cars with only a 4ft fence between you - great photo spot.
To drive? Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit every time! A few corners scared thehell ou tof me the first few times, but you get to love it.
Mallory park is another good (short) track here in the UK.
I've never been to Brands Hatch, but I have always enjoyed the track on TV. In fact I watched a British Touring Car race there on tv today.
Keep an eye out also, for Oulton Park, now that really is a circuit! Lovely stuff!
Hi Gary,

Thought I would tell you that I am watching the 1978 USAC race from Brands Hatch. I think you would be interested in the cars that are parked around the track as much as the ones on the track.


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