Which is your favourite car past or present, and what is or was your favourite livery?

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After seeing the unveiling of the new FIA F2 car today, it inspired me to start this discussion group.
Team Lotus Players Black and Gold!

I have to agree, that is a beautiful car!!!!
My favorite is probably the Lancia/Ferrari D-50 from 1957. It always looks great with those Pannier, side mount, fuel tanks.
I had to look this one up, but another beautiful car with a different look.
Marc has the right idea in the right era. but dont forget the last series of the 250F Maserati, the most beautiful formula 1 car of the 1954-1960 series
Well I absolutely love the '99 and '00 Player's sponsored CART cars but I am growing quite fond of (and biased towards) the black/silver Visteon livery form the Patrick Racing days.

I have to say I miss those Players cars. Always thought those gold wheels set it off as well.


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