I'm just nosey. I have an MGB I race out west and I'm just trying to see what everybody has done to the car. Car started as a street car and morphed into what is is today.


Engine - nothing fancy, +40, stock 1 1/2" carbs, alum. flywheel, rally cam.

Suspension - Larger sway bars, lever shocks all around with upgraded valves, 14x6 wheels running Kuhmos.

Nothing Fancy. I'm not the fastiest one out there, but I do have fun. With a limited budget, just wanted to have a solid running car. To put in big money for bragging rites and a $5 trophy is not worth it. I have a great seat on the track and I do get race some peolple out there.


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We use 1967 SCCA GCRs as a guide to prepare our production cars. Lots of time into building good a proper race motor that will last a full season with no issues. We are by the book racers and do it for fun. Come up to N. CA sometime for racing at Sears, Laguna and ThunderHill.

Best - Scott
I have tried to follow the '69 GCR's. From what I read I can not change from the 1 1/2" to the 1 3/4". Are you running SU's?

My motor is a three year motor. Still running strong. After next yera it will be time for a refresh.

Do you run with CSRG? I am hoping to run with them or SCCA vintage next year at Laguna or Sears. A friend of mine with his Lotus 7 wants to go up and try it.

A well built set of 1 1/2 carbs and proper manifold will do just fine in your car. Yes, we run the Huffaker SUs. We run with CSRG, HMSA and vintage SCCA.
I may have to give it a go up there next year. I am always interested to see other MG's built out like mine.

Also, my car is also street legal. Still have the lights, turn signals (I us them on the track sometimes to mess up my friends), etc.

I run ..040 over, aluminum cylinder head, reground cam, roller rockers, double valve springs, 1 3/4 " SUs. Tube shock conversions, urethane bushings with sport springs on the front and MGBGT rear leaf springs that were re-arched. Tube headers with a custom schedule 6 exhaust. It is heavy but it won't bend when bottomed out and sounds great. I had an aluminum radiator made by Wizard Radiator and removed the 3 blade fan. Ignition is Crane solid state with mechanical advance distributor. 15" Knock off alloy wheels with Sumitomo tires. Brakes have been upgraded too. Lastly I have a Cobra type roll bar that is vintage and not a "show" bar. All this for the road, not racing. Won't go over 190' all the way up Mt Washington and cruises at 80 on the highway without missing a beat with overdrive.
Hello All,

Ric Johnson from Des Moines, Iowa here. I've been autocrossing my 1971 MGB for about 25 years now. Not heavily modified, even within SCCA Street Prepared rules.

Engine was rebuilt over the winter of '97-'98; Bored to 1835cc, new stock cam, valves,and double valve springs, 5 angle valve job, balanced, stock 1 1/2" SUs, Pertronix Ignitor, MSD 6A ignition, Cannon short header, ANSA exhaust.

Suspension is mostly stock with MGB-GT V8 bushings, ADDCO front sway bar w/ urethane bushings, MGB-GT rear leaf springs, Goodridge braided brake lines, EBC GreenStuff pads. 14x6 Panasport Minilite-style wheels w/ 195/60-14 Falken Azenis RT-615s.

Stock interior w/ Autopower roll bar and Autopro Racing 4 point harnesses.

Not prepared to the limit by any means but still regularly street driven with multiple regional and state championships in D Street Prepared, F Street Prepared and currently FSP in the Vintage Index Class.
I have a 69 GT a 67 GT and a couple of toehrs my wife wants me to sell...

Any way, I am running a simple set up on my 69 GT, .40 over, cam, ignition but with a Weber W/ Cannon. I am looking for advise on a 5 speed 240Z trans conversion...any thoughts?

MGB Johnny
I had a 5 speed kit in my Midget, used the little Datsun 210 gearbox, and was a great conversion. Needed only a big dent in the tranny tunnel for clearance to the tranny fill plug. Later It had a proper h*** and rubber plug in it more like the MG workings. Gears in this tranny are almost identical to the ribcage Midget box, but with 1st just a bit higher, (no problem here with that) and then 5th is the lovely 0.8 to 1.o overdrive gear for fast road cruising. Wonderful addition, could actually enjoydriving the Midget on the hiway. Also had a 1340cc motor and 3.9 to 1 rear axle.
The old tennessee kits are no longer available I don't think, but maybe someone is making them again. Contack Kelvin at Moss. He can tell you.


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