I have been going to LimeRock for the past 10-12 years, been to all the big events. I have enjoyed the VIP motorcycle parking, trips with my wife, wife & daughter, alone, with friends. I am looking for some feedback and input on camping at the park.

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I haven't camped at the track for a number of years now. I can tell you it's alot of fun for me and my family, because we love racing and camping. The only issue might be what the track allows these days and charges. Skip has to pay for last year's paving and nowadays you almost can't say the word "racing" without being charged some amount of money (and being told to sign some sort of insurance waiver). In any case, your best bet is to call the track office. They are very nice people. Happy camping, spectating and paying (hopefully in that order of magnitude).
Camping is free.., (for most events...but call the office to be sure each time you plan to go)....and Family Friendly...a lot of fun, but one does not get much sleep as "fans" is short for "fanatics" for a reason! If you want lodging RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from Lime Rock Park, at friendly rates...as low as $30 in the incredible new "Bunkhouse", try "The Meadow House". Just 10 seconds away from the main gate....a very charming 1850 Farmhouse...go to Lime Rock Park's website....under EVENTS. ..then under.. ..ACCOMODATIONS......then B & B's... and see the house....very Family Friendly....one room has a Queen Bed and a Twin Bed...just right for your family! The "Bunkhouse" is great for you and 4 other friends! A true "insiders" favorite spot...entire race teams stay here!...You never know who will show up around the nightly firepot gatherings under the stars....but you will never forget the stories told! Call Terry 860-248-1799 Inkeeper (and Pit Marshall)
Camping is always free with weekend admission (if you would only be around for Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday, or Friday Saturday and Sunday, you might need to work out something with Guest Services to get a "F" lot vehicle pass). The camping area is open space, take as much as you need (but be appropriate, of course) on a first-come, first-served basis. Gates open on Thursday at 6:00 PM. There's plenty of fun and fellowship to be had out there, and there's nothing like waking up to the smells of breakfast and sounds of racing.


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