The Rover history appears to overlook the most sporting of all Rover models - the Rover MG RV8.


Rover acquired the MG division of BLM in 1990 and by 1993 had developed the former MGB "Heritage Chassis" into the Rover MG RV8.


The Rover MGRV8 was a very expensive (@ 26,000 British Pounds), handbuilt, 3.9 litre aluminum block V8, luxury roadster.  All were right-hand drive and 1,600 of the total production run of 2,000 (for homologation purposes)  units were sold into the Japanese market. None were shipped or sold into the North American market, although several reached the British Caribbean islands for spec racing purposes.  Rover corporate organized and administered a MG RV8 spec racing series in England, with MG RV8 spec races, with factory cars through 2005.


The Sports Car Club of America recognized the Rover MG RV8 as eligible for competition in the very competitive GT2 racing class in 2008 and several SCCA GT2 MG RV8 race cars are being prepared for National competition in 2010.

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