I am researching the history of a car I just bought and it ran at Hallett quite a few times from 1977 to 1984.

 I was wondering if anyone would have old grid and results sheets from that era.

 Here are the dates that I know the car ran at Hallett

Hallett trans Am 7-30-77

Hallett Spring Fever 4-23-78

Hallett Super National 7-28-78

Hallett Cherokee run 6-10-79

Hallett Indian Summer 10-5-79

Trans Am Hallett 5-31-80

Hallett Cherokee Run 3-31-84

 The drivers in these races were Jerry Crew in the earlier races and Doc Recknagle in the later races, any help would be greatly appreciated.

 I am attaching the logbook picture so maybe it will jog some memories.



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