i worked four the ford motor company basildon from 1991 and then visteon until 2004 and being sacked after running four shop steward it has been the worst company i have ever worked four i even got to meet willian clay ford jr in 1992 and even worked on the F P S project IN 1998 and in the gent plant when basildon plant had a major problom with the condencser units they had sent out to the plant VISTEON has now gone under and there are picket lines in basildon belfast and enfield london and visteon ex workers were given 6 mins notice that they now had no jobs some after 30 years service and a poor pay out of redundencie pay that does not mirror that of ford that everybody who had a ford contract was told they would have when ford sold off visteon in 2000 and every visteon worker has now been sent a letter saying they will now only get 90% of there pention and it seems the ex basildon plant manager is living in a six& half million pound mantion house in maldon essex england it also seems that ex visteon workers are going to picket line ford dealers to stop owners taking ford cars into or removing ford cars from ford dealers
IS THIS THE END OF THE BLUE OVEL BADGE IN GT BRITAN the average man in england now drives a BMW 3 SERIES

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sorry to hear that,ford in the U S seems best positioned of the three,,G M recently announced the "new" camaro z28 is on permanent hold plus each line is being studied ,meaning ready for the chop,,I doubt the camaro has a future ,unfortunatly it will be produced in canada if at all,so much for the heartbeat of america.
i worked on the cafe pantha line in basildon essex and 8 of us use to make rads for the ford crown victoria they would then be exported to canada and then sent to the usa some sort of us a tax probloms
at mo you have to look at 800 people in essex london and belfast have lost there jobs thats 800 familys who now hate the ford motor company and will never buy a ford car again ford give employeys discount on new ford cars in 2002 at basildon plant essex the managment walked around the car park and wanted to know why there was so many BMW s in the car park they were told we are getting so much over time becouse of the scrap goods the plant was making and the money we were being paid would you buy a ford car when you can buy a BMW THIS WAS A IMBARISMENT to its us bosses when they visited they thought ford was our lives dont get me wrong when i meet mr ford i thought i was so lucky to have meet a man whos great gran father had been my boy hoods hero and i belived in what he said IT WAS SO TRUE espech when hes in front of you telling you this like a mate in a bar or pub as we would say in the east end of london and areas everybodys dad had a ford car and you were taken to school in it in the 60s n 70s that is now apart of history that will never happen again and the ford motor company has lost all that family stuff that was so loyal to them it is a part of car histoty now gone i still have a classis ford mk 1 escort 1300E A 1975 MODLE iv had since 1983 and its a toy now you may have never seen one in the usa some of my american mates when over have looked at it and apart from the ford badge did not know what it was 1000s of english kids must have been made in the back of mk 1 escorts
ITS A SHAME ford have blown it and ford cars will soon only be a part of history in the UK like MORRIS cars who
I grieve for the Queens Jaguars
not to worried aboult the queen as i was a 70s punk rocker GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AND ALL THAT sex pistols
but on a 400mile trip i did from the london area to the north of england most cars were bmw audi or vw so she will proberley get one of those
its was 80 years to day that mr e ford cut the first turf at the dagenham plant not much of that great dream today a main road goes right throgh the plant
they dont make cars there now just engines if you work on the line you have to stand in a area around 6 ft long and dont move out of it WHAT A LIFE
well if you ever talk to anyone who worked at ford dagenham they will say they did not know your name you were just a number
well on the news today we have been told that where the ford fiesta use to be made they are going to bild a prison so not much change then you wont have a name just a number so only thing left in the great ford dagenham plant now is the engine plant how long for
it wont be long before the ford motor motor company leave england totaly and run into eastern europe THE BLUE OVAL IS NEARLY GONE NOW FROM OUR SHAWS


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