Hey Guys,

It was suggested that I check in here, sign up to the group and post a link to the pictures that I took out at Eagles Canyon on Friday and Saturday. So Here I Am. And here is a link to the pics.

http://valentine-photography.smugmug.com/Cars/466171 .

I take these photos just for the fun of it. I ain't no Pro...I am just a 'Grandpa Amateur' picture taker with some fancy equipment who enjoys the Vintage Cars, the roar of the engines, and all motorsports in general.

Have fun, and I hope you enjoy a little reminiscing of the events Friday and Saturday. I had another British Car Show I wanted to attend in Grapevine on Sunday, so I didn't make it out to ECR on Sunday.

If you poke around a little on that website a little, you can find the Grapevine pics and some from the May 08 White Rock Lake Brit/Euro Show as well....And a lot of other motor related stuff I enjoy.


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