Does anyone know what happened with the Chaparral 2E continuation cars?

I heard they were going to make 6 and then was told they only made 2.

Someone needs to vintage race a mid-engined Chaparral and I'd prefere it would be me, of course.

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Hi Casey, I saw one of them two years ago at Laguna Seca. It sounded like they would be able to produce them. Unfortuantely I lost the information I picked up from them at the time.
Thanks Bruce,

Too bad you don't still have the info. Well if worse comes to worse I can always write Jim Hall. In my limited experience he is a very good guy.

There is so much documentation on the cars that someone with the inclination, time, and money could build one themselves. Given the fact that they produced a couple continuation cars, I'd imagine you could get some friendly support if the right project was being done correctly and in good spirit. Then again, maybe not.

I do however, know everyone would be lining the fences to see one drive at race speed again. For example, back in college a friend of mine and I drove halfway across the country just to see them out. Hopefully when that happens, the car has an appreciative owner and a worthwhile driver. It always bugs me to see a vintage race car out just parading around.



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