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The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving teaches vintage and current or aspiring racers how to drive like the pros. Call: 1-800-842-RACE

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Bob Bondurant Driving and Racing School

The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving teaches thrill seekers and current or aspiring racers how to drive like the pros! Our racing school features a 60 acre purpose-built racing facility - something other car racing schools can't claim. Our racing courses range from four hours to four days and we have beginner driving courses designed for people wanting a thrill of a lifetime and advanced racing courses for experienced racers or professionals. Our GM supplied driving school features the 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe and Corvette ZO6, Cadillac CTS and CTS-V, Pontiac Grand Prix GXP, and the Pontiac GTO.

Racing Courses and Driving Courses
We offer courses for all skill levels. We have racing courses geared for current or aspiring racers, or just someone who wants the same type of training we put professional drivers through. We also offer high performance driving courses that will teach you how to handle a high performance vehicle at its limits. If you have a son or daughter just getting out on the road then we have advanced teenage driving courses geared specifically for that. Whatever driver training you need, we have it for you!

Racing Courses - The ultimate thrill for novices (SCCA eligibility) and for current racers
High Performance Courses - Learn how to handle a high performance vehicle
Safety Courses - Courses focusing on driver skills and safety for the street
Driving/Racing Experiences - Short courses with a sampling of Bondurant activities
Military / Executive Security - Training to detect, deter, or avoid potential hazards

Bob Bondurant Driving and Racing School

Gift Certificates
Bondurant gift certificates are available for any course or in any denomination. A Bondurant gift certificate is the ultimate gift for any racing enthusiasts! Course date does not need to be determined at time of purchase so the gift certificate can truly be a surprise and they can call us to schedule whenever time permits. Give us a call at 800-842-7223 or click here to get your Bondurant gift certificate!

Racing Courses
Grand Prix Road Racing
3 days - $4,250 | 4 days - $4,795

Combining our race-prepared 2008 Corvette Coupe and the open-wheel excitement of our *F-1 style Formula Bondurant, this is the signature Bondurant course! You'll learn the ins and outs of maximum car control, then put these skills into action on the Bondurant road course.

Features: SCCA License eligibility, maximum track time
Vehicles: 2008 Corvette Coupe, *Formula Bondurant

Grand Prix Specialty
2 days - $3,395

Can't spend 4 days with us? How about 2 of the fastest! Combining our race prepared 2008 Corvette Coupe along with the open-wheel excitement of our Formula Bondurant, this course will definitely get your heart racing!

Features: Proper vision and racing lines, skid pad training, open track sessions in both vehicles.

Intro to Racing
1 day - $1,375

Intro to Racing combines advanced street driving skills with proven racing techniques to give students a hands-on experience like no other. A great one-day program for the race enthusiast and the ideal follow up class for Lap the Oval and RPM graduates!

Features: Skid control, line techniques, accident avoidance, lead & follow
Vehicles: C5 Corvette

Advanced Road Racing
1 day - $2,350 | 2 days - $3,895 | 3 days - $5,850

This course is specifically geared for current racers and graduates of our 4 day Grand Prix or other accredited racing school. Advanced graduates include racing professionals Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Elliot Sadler, Brian Vickers, and Dale Jarrett among others! Are you next?

Features: Personalized instruction, real world race scenarios, nearly 5 hours seat time per day
Vehicles: 2008 Corvette Coupe (Formula Bondurant upgrade available)

High Performance Driving Courses

2 days - $2,325 | 3 days - $3,275

High Performance Driving combines advanced street driving skills with techniques refined through years on the racetrack. Day three offers more track time and students wear race suits and helmets.

Features: Autocross, slalom, accident avoidance, track time on the 1.6 mile Bondurant Road Course
Vehicles: Cadillac CTS-V

Z06 Experience
1 day - $1,650 | 2 days - $2,795

505+ horsepower. 6-speeds. Zero-to-60 in under four seconds. Give yourself the ultimate full-throttle experience in this American Dream Machine that no import can touch!

Features: Skid control, line techniques, accident avoidance, track time on the 1.6 mile Bondurant Road Course
Vehicles: 2008 Corvette Z06

Driving Safety Courses
Advanced Teenage Driving
1 day - $1,175 | 2 days - $2,195 | 3 days - $3,095

We teach teens the skills they really need to know — active driving skills that could someday save their lives. Students are required to have a valid drivers license and a minimum of six months driving experience. Parents must accompany minors upon check-in.

Features: Skid control, accident avoidance, shifting exercises, cornering and braking techniques
Vehicles: Cadillac CTS

Highway Survival Training
1 day - $1,225

Highway Survival Training is designed for those individuals who want to gain confidence in their day-to-day driving, and feel comfortable behind the wheel. We emphasize active driving skills and elements of car control that could very well save your life!

Features: Skid control, accident avoidance, shifting exercises, cornering and braking techniques
Vehicles: Cadillac CTS

NEW - Teen Driving Program
1 day - $595

Designed to provide teens with the much needed skill set to be a safer driver and respect for the road, the focus of the program is not on achieving the vehicle’s limits, but to develop confidence, awareness of their surroundings, and a proper foundation to being a safer driver. Graduates of the New-Teen Driving program will be encouraged to return for the Advanced Teen Driving program as a way to expand their skills and understand their limits and the vehicle’s limits.

Features: Slalom, skid control, cornering techniques, precision maneuvers and accident avoidance
Vehicles: Pontiac Solstice

Driving and Racing Experiences - Special Events
Lap the Oval at Phoenix International Raceway
2½ hours - $500

This course begins with suiting-up, then a brief ground school covering the basics of oval track racing and formula car driving. Then you’re fitted into a Formula racer, and off to the racetrack to experience oval track excitement like never before! This course is typically offered once in the Spring and once in the Fall at Phoenix International Raceway.

Features: 3 half-hour driving sessions
Vehicles: Formula Bondurant

New Year's Eve Rapid Precision Maneuvers
4 hours - $400

Buckle in and experience the art of high performance driving! Four events: Accident Avoidance, Autocross, Lead and Follow, and Pro Karts.

Features: Timed autocross, accident avoidance, lead & follow track time on the 1.6 mile Bondurant course, ProKart lapping
Vehicles: Pontiac Solstice, C6 Corvette, Cadillac CTS-V, and Bondurant ProKart

Bondurant Karting
2-4 hours - $250-$425

The fastest vehicle on the property! We offer karting courses nightly in our 125cc shifter karts. These rockets are capable of 0-100 in as little as 6 seconds!

Vehicles: Bondurant 125cc CRG shifter kart, Bondurant ProKart

Military & Executive Security
Call our Military Services Training Team for more information at 1-800-842-RACE.
Authorized GSA Contract Provider

Executive Protection / Anti-Kidnapping
4 days - $5,925

This extensive course is designed to prepare executives, their families, staff and chauffeurs and special military operations personnel to detect, deter or avoid potential confrontations or assault, whether criminal or terrorist. Hands-on training includes forward and reverse 180s, evading and ramming, and understanding the nature of attacks and how to avoid them. Training concludes with real-world attack scenarios designed to test and reinforce newly acquired skills.

Features: Specialized training in maximum car control and counter-terrorist driving tactics
Vehicles: Chevy Tahoe and Cadillac CTS

Advanced Military Performance Program - 3 Days
Military Performance Program - 4 Days
Defensive and Tactical Analysis Driving - 4 Days
Customized Training Courses - 1-6 Days

History of Bob Bondurant

Internationally recognized as the leading authority on advanced driver training, Bob Bondurant has been at the forefront of professional driving instruction since 1968. Over 85,000 students, ranging from housewives, racers and celebrities, to teenagers, professionals and police officers, have learned from Bondurant’s expertise.

Bondurant grew up in the Westwood area of Los Angeles with a passion for anything on wheels. By the time he was 18, he was racing an Indian Scout motorcycle on the local dirt ovals, and soon moved to sports cars in 1956 at the wheel of a Morgan. His racing career began to soar in 1959, when driving a Corvette in the Southern California region, Bondurant captured the West Coast "B" Production Championship and the Corvette Driver of the Year Award.

In 1963, Bob joined the team of Carroll Shelby and Ford Cobras in Europe and went on to win numerous races and a chance to compete in the 1964 World GT Championship. Paired with Dan Gurney that year, Bob won the GT Category overall and placed 4th in a Cobra Daytona Coupe at Le Mans.

Bob remained in Europe in 1965 and drove to win 7 out of 10 races earning him the World Manufacturers' Championship for the U.S. driving a Shelby Cobra. That honor would put Bob in Formula One for Ferrari at the Watkins Glen Grand Prix.

In 1966, Bob continued with Ferrari, driving in the World Manufacturers' Championship for Dan Gurney's All American Racers Team. Between races Bob worked as a consultant on the now famous movie "Grand Prix" with James Garner.

In 1967, Bob joined the Dana Chevrolet Team in the growing Can-Am and USRC (United States Road Championship). That year while racing at Watkins Glen, a broken steering arm caused a crash at 150mph, rolling his car eight times and ending the promising professional racing career of Bob Bondurant.

Faced with the possibility of never walking or racing again, Bob went back to what he knew better than anyone in the world: maximum car control. Bob began teaching at Carroll Shelby's driving school in Riverside, California. Having finally regained his physical abilities, Bob opened his school in 1968 with three Datsuns, a Lola T70 Can-Am car, and a Formula Vee.

On February 14, 1968, the doors opened at Orange County International Raceway, near Los Angeles, with 3 students. The next week there were two students, Paul Newman and Robert Wagner, training for the film, "Winning". Bob was technical advisor, camera car driver, and actor-instructor for the film.

Two years later the school moved to nearby Ontario Motor Speedway, and in 1973 to Sears Point International Raceway near Sonoma, California. In 1983, Ford Motor Company offered to provide vehicles and other support to the school.

Seven years later, on March 2, 1990, Bob's dream of building a purpose-built driver training facility became a reality in Phoenix, Arizona. The school maintains over 200 race-prepared vehicles, sedans, and open wheel cars. The school is the largest facility of its kind in North America.

Today, Bob continues to teach daily, time permitting, and race in select vintage racing events around the country. Whether racing, flying his helicopter or speeding around the course in a Bondurant race prepared car or SuperKart, Bob is still considered the man to beat and the master of maximum car control.

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Comment by Bob Bondurant School of HPD on July 20, 2009 at 10:17am
Big discounts are expiring soon if you've been thinking about attending. We also have our new Formula Mazda Open Wheel race cars in class now as well as a new Racing Series starting in September! Check out the website for all the details.

Come visit us at the Monterey Historic Races next month too!

Best wishes!
Comment by Lee Siltala on February 25, 2009 at 3:26pm
If you have any questions about the Bondurant Racing School...please feel free to call me! Cheers! Lee Siltala - Direct: 480-403-7614
Comment by Lee Siltala on February 25, 2009 at 3:22pm
Special Quotes:

Bob Bondurant... "Everyone that goes through here (the Bondurant Racing School) leaves with a big smile on their face. They learn a lot and have fun learning. They are safer and learn how to enjoy their car. You are never too old to learn something new."

Paul Newman..."Bob Bondurant is as good as it gets. I wish I'd been as good as he's gotten."

Carroll Shelby..."I have a ton of respect for Bob for what he's done with his school, and I love him."

Dan Gurney..."Bob and I have been fortunate to survive and go on to successful second careers after we stopped driving. Come to think of it, he never did stop driving. He is still teaching future racers how to shift and steer like we once did down the Mulsanne straight or around the Karussell at the Nuerburgring. They don't know how lucky they are!"
Comment by Bob Bondurant School of HPD on September 24, 2008 at 1:22pm
Would love to hear anyone's stories about coming to the Bondurant School or post School stories!

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