I'm Tony Martins. I have been looking for a image of an Alfa from when I was a boy. The car was at my families autobody business for years. When my fathers brother died in 1973 the car disapeard. My father is now 78 with very little recollection of the car. These are the things I remember about the Alfa. It was owned by a woman that worked at the Bronx Zoo. It was an aluminium body I would guess about late 40's to mid 50's. It was right hand drive, a two seater coupe with possibly a jump seat in the rear. Some one put a Pontiac V8 in it. The color was green. I got a ride in it when my Dad and uncle moved their shop from Fort Montgomery NY to Peakskill NY. I can remember having to pay the toll on the Bear Mountain Bridge I was about 12. The best way I can discribe the body stile is the front end looked like a C type Jaguar but the fenders were more pronounced. The roof line was fast back. The head lamps had wire mess over them. If anyone has any information about this car please contact me. I am very curious as to what it might be or where it is now. I think it might of been a one off or a very low production car.

  Thank you. www.rallyecoachworks.com

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