One of our employees at the NTX Automotive Museum wants to start racing and is looking for either a Formula Ford or Vee (or anything open wheel). He is on a low budget (isn't this how we all started racing?) but is a great mechanic. If you have or know one with or without motor or transmission, basket case, etc. please contact me.

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There is a Caldwell D-13 Formula Vee for sale on the RMVR bulletin board, in the classified section:

There is also a 1972 Titan FF in the classified area of their August newsletter: (Page 7)

I don't have any specifics other than these links, but it's a good place to start. Good luck on your search!

Mike Rogers
Thank you very much Mike for helping with the search
I have a 1973 Lola 340 Formula Ford,serial number HU 7, that I'm forced to sell due to the wife losing her job. The car has a new frame in the Lola 342 configuration, with alot of updates like Penske 2 way shocks. The engine is a strong Ivey and has 5 races since Jay Ivey freshend it up. It has all of the good stuff like forged pistons, tilton clutch, etc. The car comes with all of the set up tools, quick jack, and an extensive spares list(0 time head, starter, bodywork etc.)3 sets of wheels with rains and an open trailer. EVERYTHING you need to go racing in the club ford or vintage classes. The car has a curent annual and log book in SCCA.
This car with my son Elliott Lampkin driving, WON the Sunday vintage class race at the Road America 40th Formula Ford Festival in July of this year.
Lots of history and racing pictures of this car can be seen at
This car isn't exactly the basket case like your probably looking for but it still has ALOT of potential for development and improvement.
We're asking $14,000 or best offer with All the spares and trailer, or
$10,000 without the Penske's,trailer or spares
Please contact me for more info or just chat at or 530-320-0994

Jerry Lampkin
have a Reynard 1982 and a Mondial 1986 copy if a crossle from Ireland the boys split and created the mondial both in board suspension Mondial pull rod front system
in Canada so great deal on the $$$
contact me if interested
I have a 76 crossle ff roller for sale @ 6k. I'm on apexspeed under forums, ff classifieds my name is cunn5.
I have a 76 crossle ff roller for sale @ 6k. I'm on apexspeed under forums, ff classifieds my name is cunn5.


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