McLaren M1B & C, Devin, Porsche RS60? rear section, Anglia nostalgia drag hood/frt fenders, Femat Femco Mk2. These molds have to go, no more storage! Great deal for somebody who takes them all.

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I am in Wisconsin have been looking for a Devin type body to work on, do you have any Devin molds for sale, if so what size, and style, he made 27 different sizes, the SS would be super, I do alot of work with Triumphs..etc.
Chuck, I live in Marshall, WI and have an Allard J2X "kit" that, due to health, I'm stalling out on.

Diabetes, heart condition and age are getting to me.

Are you interested?

Mel Stark
Not for me, thanks anyway
No Sorry I know the body type not what I am on the look out for thanks for asking
hi Seann
Bill Fraley here.......did you create these molds yourself for the M1B McLaren???....if not what is their origin and what are they made of???
Hi Bill,
The molds are professionally made, by the craftsman that created the "Chinook" molds (from a Chaparral model) for the Fejer brothers to build their Can-Am car. He is a good friend of mine, long since retired from the fibreglas business. The McLaren molds were used to make bodies for Lothar Motschenbacher, Ludwig Heimrath, Carl Haas, John Cannon etc., during the series. They have been stored for many years, used in '85 to build the body for my single seat series car in '86 and unused since. Probably easier to discuss over the phone. Let me know what's a good time to call you, or call me anytime 519-986-1323 (EST).
Hi Chuck,
Here are a couple of photos, I'm not familiar with all the models. This has "adjustable" rocker length to suit different wheelbase cars. Let me know if it looks like something you'd be interested in,
Sorry Seann I did not get photos of Devin Molds, I see the other photo you sent to a Bill on a McLeran I believe, here also might be a good contact to find a buyer for the molds, Old School Car Restorations of North Alabama, tele # 256-507-3328.... e-mail- Thanks for the call hope you can get me photos and Devin Mold wheel base dimensions
Hey Bill,
Here's a few photos of molds...
(I have lots more)
still available and what else? Roger in Switzerland
Still available, McLaren M1B & C, Devin, early Porsche RS rear, Femat Femco Mk2, Anglia front. I'm at the vintage festival at Mosport this weekend, home Monday 519-986-1323
You can try posting these for sale in the Parts sub category under the Cars for Sale category on ... it's low cost and you can run the ads for 30 days or more.


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