Hello everyone-

I just started the next big project and I wanted to document the progress here. It's a 1977 Porsche 911S that will be stripped down and rebuilt into the VRL Race Car. I went and picked up the car on Oct. 28 and trailered it over to my dads house in Lewisvillle where we have a lift to help with the engine and transmission removal. This will be my first race car build, so any knowledge, tips, tricks, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

I took the better part of an afternoon to get the 2.7 liter engine out but we finally got it on the ground just after dark as you can see in the picture below. After doing some research and looking at some other 911 builds I have decided that I want to put a 3.0 liter motor in the car and find a buyer for the 2.7 liter. I'm kinda going for the Carrera 3.0 mock up. 

The next job is the gear box. I know it is possible to remove the engine and transmission together but it really just didn't work out that way so they got separated in the process. Now that the engine an transmission are out I will be transporting the car over to my garage in Southlake/Keller where I will begin stripping the car down and preparing it for a roll cage.

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Dear Brent

It is a pleasure to be in the "race car business" with you and your Dad.

I look forward to working on this project with you.

To all - we need a 3.0 engine, roll bar, fuel cell, seats etc.

Any suggestions, please post here.

All the best - Stephen Page


Well, I got the car over to my garage and began stripping the interior out. If anyone is restoring an older 911 and needs some missing interior parts, I have plenty of various interior parts and pieces that I would like to sell to help offset the cost of this build. Some of the things were unsalvageable and were thrown out but there are plenty of good authentic Porsche OEM parts that are in great condition. Just PM me and I will let you know what I have and send some pictures.

I am starting to think about my options for a roll cage and thinking that a welded in roll cage would be far superior to a bolt in cage as far as safety standards go. The weld in cages also meet the safety requirements of more racing clubs and associations opening more options as to what events we can participate in with the car. I will be able to do more research on the subject over the holidays. Any suggestions are welcome.

More updates and pictures coming as progress is made.

Hi Brent

I look forward to seeing the results of the steam clean and interior white paint treatment :-))

All the best - Stephen


I haven't quite gotten that far. I had to help my dad with a Jeep CJ7 that he is working on which is why he borrowed the steam cleaner. I was planning to use the steam cleaner on the underside of the car to clean all the road grime and oil so I can have a clean working environment when I get to taking the suspension, brakes and oil cooling systems apart. Then when the car is COMPLETELY stripped I was going to use the steam cleaner again to clean the entire body inside and out.

As far as the interior goes, I recently got the dash, rear seats, front and rear glass, and doors removed and the next challenge is going to be removing the sunroof. After some research this is a common problem with no real clear solution. The wiring harness has been the most complicated thing to remove because I am trying to keep it as intact as possible in case I need to use some of the factory connectors.

Here is the latest picture from earlier this week.

Anyone who has stripped down an old 911 will recognize this pile of soundproofing that I scraped off the floor of the cab. Some forum posts that I found said to use dry ice to freeze it and break it out but I found that with a little patience and elbow grease a paint scraper was enough to chip it all out.

As always Brent - these projects are a labour of love.

Keep going - we love the progress reports and photos :-))

Allthe best - Stephen


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