Just got off the phone with Wayne Estes at Sebring Raceway about the lack of Historic/vintage racing at this years 12 Hours. He says he fought for it but IMSA shot it down with the explanation that HSR was more of a car club than vintage racing and had too many Mazda Miatas (WTF, I have NEVER seen a Miata at a HSR race) He hopes to get it back next year. If you are so inclined, call the track and give him more ammo to use in his fight against' IMSA. 800 626 RACE. Make this viral if you want to see Historic/Vintage back at the 12 Hours!

I have raced the HSR/SVRA support races at the 12 Hours for years. It is the one race that I do just for fun. The past few years since the end of ALMS and Dr. Dons departure has seen this traditional event whittled away. There use to be a driver cocktail party downtown and  the downtown circle faux tech for the fans. None of that will happen this year.

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