Looking for a rear upright 722/732, can any one help/ even damaged repairable
Thanks Mike Scott

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Hi Scott
Try Marc Bahner, email: bahnerengineering@earthlink.net
Taylor Race Engineering: in Plano Texas
Good luck :-))
All the best - Stephen
Stephen, thanks for the info
Regards Mike
scott. do you have anything for a 718 march ? franklin1111@aol.com
Hi, is this a f/ford? the only parts i have for sale are 722/732 front mag uprights and lower front arms,(wishbones) let me know what you are needing my friend may have some parts
Have several ses of rear uprights from March - 1975 - 2 ( March used the same on the F-2 as the SST series cars - Don't know if these are the same - Possibly check with MARCHIVES to verify.

I have thought of taking molds but need one that can be cut apart to define the interior. Then cast several sets - Interested ??

1-248-496-2212 - Byron Walker
Bryon, thanks for the reply, could you send me pics on a p.m?( my address on my page) I have a 752 that i am rebuilding the rears are not the same as the earlier 712/722/732 simular but not the same, might be interested in remakes if we can make a job lot to keep price resonable,
I return to Detroit in April (late) and will be able to get some details and data off the ones I have - also have one set (spares) from a Villenoive car . Ill keep you posted ( castings are available from wax molds - I can convert - Reverse eng ) these parts.

ok byron keep me posted thanks mike

do you have a picture of what it looks like . 

yes thanks for reply

Hi Mike,

We have a set of 722 front and rear uprights with stub axles.

Please call Ignite Performance



looking for the above can any one help



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