I found some pictures of a couple cars designed by John Taylor.  One is the Unique 6 wheel drive Porsche pickup built around 2003- he sold it to a guy in Germany who later re-painted it.  The second rear axle was driven by gilmer belts off the front  axle CV joints.  The other pictures are of the Viking Formula Ford he co-designed with Arnie Loyning.  Taylor and Loyning were high school friends in Tacoma Washington around 1965 and later partnered in SCCA racing driving various English cars like Healeys, and Lotus before beginning the Viking Racing project around 1975.  Taylor was always a hands on type even in high school, while others dreamed and drew pictures, he was building cars.  He build a Jaguar XK 120 Coupe from the parts of 2 wrecks, and put a Chevy V-8 in an Austin Healey while still in High school.  He later went on to design the now ubiquitous 3 in 1 lathe mill machine, a small bulldozer
and a number of successful CNC machines.


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