Indy Quality Racing Services for Your Vintage Car


At Metcalf Racing we have a lifetime of experience in open wheel racing cars.  From Formula Ford to Indy cars, we have raced them when they were new and, now once again, as vintage and historic cars.  We have the knowledge and experience to restore your treasured car, prepare it properly, transport it to the track and support you in your enjoyment of it. 


Some of the cars we have been privileged to run include Can-Am, GTP, Formula Atlantic, Formula Super Vee, Indy, Formula Ford, Formula 5000 and several GT and Production cars.  Our experience has helped our drivers to win numerous races and three Championships.  These photos are only a few.  


You have honed your business skills to a high level and conduct your business with a high degree of professionalism.  Racing is a very technical sport.  Shouldn't you trust your racing car to people who do the same?  We are currently accepting new clients for the 2010 season but we may fill up soon.  Centrally located in Dallas, Texas, we travel to races on both coasts.  Please contact us to discuss your plans and how we can best help you.  It's time to turn to the pros.


                          Robert Metcalf                          



                Indy Quality Racing Services





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Robert Metcalf is a world-class resource at the track or in the shop.
Please feel free to call me for a reference:
Stephen Page


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