I just purchased the 1970 Boss 302 Mustang driven by Jerry Crew from Oklahoma in the mid 1970's and later bought and raced by Doc Recknagel also from Oklahoma. I am looking for any information about this car that I can gather.

 The car was sold through Shoreland Ford in Highland Park IL in Jan 1970 and from the information that I do have for this car it was made into a race car very shortly after that. Jerry Crew bought the car in 1972 and took it to Oklahoma.

 Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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In 69-70 I was with the FORD - Motorsports Performance ctr. I acquired AUTOLITE books on Trans Am Race car prep which were never released to the public due to FORDS pull out of racing. Still have them. Also a good friend Mitch Marchie - in Detroit whose father did all the design work for FORD works on these - let me know if I can help.

J. Byron Walker 1-248-496-2212 ( socal at present rebuilding my Trans am car and a Can-Am car as well.)


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