Hey everyone! I wanted to introduce myself...


My name is Sean, I'm from Oregon and I'm starting to look into trying to break into this sport.  Does anyone have any advice for me???



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Hi Sean
Please click on the link to find a How to get into Vintage Racing Guide:
Good luck - all the best - StephenDelete Comment
Hi Sean,
I'm getting ready to do the same thing. I haven't road raced in almost 30 years but I'm ready to go at it again. I went to the race at PIR but instead of watching decided to volunteer. I met some great people, got a line on some cars, and in general felt more connected than would have been possible as merely a spectator.
Best wishes and hope to see you out there.
Oh man, good Idea!
There's an SCCA race coming up May 7-9 in Portland, don't know how far away you are- also there's a new raceway east of The Dalles with road races May 21-23. I'll be working at both.

If you're interested, send a message and I'll give you some contacts.
Definately!!! I'm from Salem so portland is no issue. I know about the new one in the dalles...its team continental's new track right??? or is it cascade sports car club's? I can't remember. Let me know what you know and amybe I will be able to get to one or both!

Cool, I'm in Pacific City. Team Continental has ORP in The Dalles, CSCC is PIR. If you want to help out, contact Ken at csccsafety@comcast.net and he can give you the information. He's both SCCA and CSCC.
Hope it works out, see ya there!
Come to Portland and see the Rose Cups, June 11,12, 13.
Find my 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT, # 36, For Sale.
Philip W
Hey! I just might...I bought a car last weekend by the way...its no road racer, but someday...

I don't think I would be racing that car, NO DENTS.... KEEP IT NICE.
Philip W
Sean, just in case you're still following this thread, I'm waiting to buy a vintage Formula Vee when the present owner decides what he wants for it. Unfortunately it's already too late for this season.

Cascade Sports Car Club has a beginning driver school for the very reasonable price of $200, using your own car - or as some do, one of Budget's. I'm going to take the school as it's far less expensive than SCCA or SOVREN approved schools, will get me racing, and the local ICSCC clubs will provide much more track time.


This is a really great opportunity to get on the track and improve driving skills at an affordable price. I looked around for hours but was held back by $2000+ prices. Turned out the best way is right in our back yard. I'm going to a class at PIR in a couple weeks so the weather will still be nice. October is a little sketchy, at least here on the coast.

If you want to talk about this, write me at tombien1 (at) yahoo (dot) co m.

Should be fun. Big bore sports cars are pretty competitive. Which race Org. do you intend to race with? I am a SOVREN and HMSA member myself. I am from Portland.
I would recomend a vintage formula ford. Easy to maintain, motors will last 4 or more seasons. Tires 2 seasons.


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