Gotti 3 Piece Wheels

Fronts are 13" X 11" with 5 1/2" Back Space
Rears are 13" X 14" with 6 1/2" Back Space
All are Center Lock, 6 pin on 4.25 pcd for 5/8" drive pins
Fitted with Gotti bead lock screws
All good usable condition except for one marked "wheel hop" It could be straightened.
Suitable for vintage Formula Atlantic, B Sports Racer, etc.

Three sets available

$1000 per set
$2500 all three sets

Robert Metcalf
Metcalf Racing

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Any idea where I can get GOTTI wheel halves ???
I have wheels w/12 pin centers for a REYNARD FORMULA CONTINENTAL - one half is 1/2 inch too narrow

I have sent all of the components out and had them straightened.

Jim Hillyer - Team Manager
Jim, I haven't dealt with Gotti in quite a long time. The wheels I have were used on a Camel Light in the 90s. I don't know where to send you for parts these days. Have you tried to have BBS, Kodiak or some other wheel maker build custom halves to fit your Gotti centers? Just a thought. Good luck.

I will try to contact BBS



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