I am too old to think of racing any more.  I need to offer any or all of my 50 year collection to any interested younger folks and see if we can work something out.  My major racing hardware is as follows:

1.  1935 Maserati V8-RI (I plan to sell my 1935 Maserati V8-RI Grand Prix car AFTER I finish the restoration and get it running)

2.  1962 Santee SS sports racer.  Very fast and fun to drive, similar to Scarab.  Olds 215 factory racing engine, 4  sidedraft Webers, Mickey Thompson dry sump, transaxle.  Needs some small maintenance to race again.  The only Santee SS in existence.  (see Automobile Quarterly Vol 50, # 4 for history of Santee Automobiles)

3.  1970 Quasar SR70B DSR #001 with Fraser Imp engine and Hewland MK7 6-speed.  Nearly original 1970 Southern Pacific SCCA national point champion.  Lap records at Riverside and Ontario.  Many spares.  Aluminum monocoque chassis.  (see Road & Track November 1970 for track test article).

4.  1971 Quasar SR71 DSR with Datsun engine and Hewland Mk7 6-speed.  Monocoque aluminum tub and steel subframes.  Totally apart for restoration.  Local competition history.  Complete drawing set.

5.  Maserati racing bicycle, 10 speed.  Totally restored by professionals.  (see Road & Track test April 1974)

6.  Racing engine from Mickey Thompson 1962 Indy car.  Pontiac (BOP) Aluminum V-8.  Complete engine but needs total cleaning and inspection before running it.

7.  Spare parts for the above vehicles including engines, transmissions, wheels, tires, etc.  To be part of negotiated sale or trade for collector road car.

8.  Tow vehicle 1935 Diamond T 211AD flat bed 1-1/2 ton truck.  Original and complete.  Bought from original family owner to haul/show my 1935 Maserati.  Total mechanical restoration, but retained original exterior.  Needs minor attention to run again.  Lots of spares.

9.  Tow vehicle 1956 Ford F-250 long bed pickup.  Owned for over 40 years and used to tow most of my racers.  V-8, 4-speed, restored to near show condition.  Runs fine.

10.  Service vehicle 1963 Ford Ranchero.  Originally with 260 V-8, now with 289 engine, automatic using Mustang engine, transmission, bucket seats.  No rust, running great.

11.  Pit vehicle 1960 Morris Minor 1000 convertible.  Beautifully restored.  Has 1275 engine, disk brakes,  freeway gearing.  Bright red.  Runs great.

If you are interested in any of these vehicles please Email and I can send you photos and details.  If you want to propose a partial trade I want a vehicle that can be used for show or touring today.  I do not have the space, time, or energy to work on any more projects.  I like cars from 1930 to 1970.

                                                    Fred Puhn


                                                    (619)475-1155  (San Diego area)

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I have now sold my Morris Minor convertible.  I would like to sell another vehicle this year if possible.  Let me know what interests you and maybe we can put together a good deal for you.  Fred.

1935 Maser would be nice , could be interested


I just wanted to get in touch to let you know Fred Puhn has recently passed away.  His Maserati was/is pretty fantastic.  He had asked me to represent the car last year but we had a major disagreement on asking price.  He insisted on a price of 3.3 million US and that was. in my estimation, too expensive given the current state of the car (practically all in pieces). 

Just before I moved to London I stored the huge binders that he had sent me on the car.  I most likely still have the information in my computer.  I am sure in time someone could approach the family about selling.  


Kelly Dietrick


Howdy Kelly, I was curious what ever happened to Fred’s Santee?


Hal Monheim


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