If you like to race our do Rally in a abarth our Fiat sport deriveds mayby I can help .More than 155 cars on +3500 m² .All info and cars even for renting our sale www.abarth-gmr.be

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I am looking for a lightweight Fiat or Siata if you know of one i would appreciate it. An Alfa if she was special enough might do.
I am looking to do the Mille Miglia.


hallo Neil ,I will go to do service in the Mille Miglia with a client that was buying from me a Fiat 1100 TV coupe Pininfarina.The driver was 30 years Porsche Belguim Classic president but tray to go in with a Porsche for many years and no result.Now he is in .After the rally car is normale for sale .


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