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Engine: 2.0 Liter 235hp
Twin plug distributor with MSD
Pauter Rods, Custom 901 Shop JE Pistons
46 PMO Carburetors, 901 Shop SS Exhaust

Transmission: “Daytona”
Bodywork: All fiberglass including rear fenders. Lexan windshield and windows

Chassis: Converted to long wheel base. 6 point roll cage. Monoball upper strut mount and inner trailing arm mounts.
Polybronze bushings front and rear.
Custom 901 sway bars, 24 mm front 33MM rear torsion bars
Custom valved Bilstein 934 shocks.
Recaro Pro Race SPG seat
Momo Steering wheel
Schroth seat belts
FAST Coolsuit system

Brakes: ‘S’ calipers with Dual Master Pedal Assembly

Fuel System: 22 Gallon Fuel Safe cell. Bosch Fuel Pump. Aeroquip plumbing.

Oil System: Twin Fluidyne oil coolers
Aeroquip Plumbing

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price ?
Hello Klaus,

Price is US$85,000 for this particular car or US$80,000 for the sister car (swb yellow car). I can do a package price on both with some spares too!

Judging from my discussions with Bobby Rahal's Historics regarding my other car (my personal Yellow/purple car) both cars are elligible to race there as well as in HSR and with PCA in GT5S (or add 35 lbs or so of ballast and go GT6S).

I just won the 3 races at PCA's Sebring event with my car (which is a clone of the ones for sale), also won the Klub Sport Challenge for 2009 overall and my class on the Rolex Vintage Enduro. Both cars race ready and can be delivered to Sebring for the HSR race......... ;)

You can contact me with any questions or offers. Thanks! juan at

More details at:


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