Stiletto - Formula for Speed
Bob Carnes of Denver Colorado built limited production, custom built, high performance automobiles for the road and for racing.
2, 000 lb of streamlined lightning the stiletto has slightly more than half it's total weight on the rear wheels. With a GMC 471 blower, crank driven through a pot Vin adapter and pumping into a Rochester fuel injector and with a razor Brown 37r roller cam the 283 cubic inch Corvette engine can push the car through the quarter mile clocks at close to 120 mph and 11. 81 seconds.
This pure racing machine is called the Stiletto. It was the result of two years of testing - experimenting and modifying while shaking down in the 1960 Daytona Speed Weeks, hill climbing on Pikes Peak and racing on the Continental Divide Raceway.
There are few cars capable of outbreaking the Stiletto. Centered iron linings and 11-in aluminum drums stock Corvette just don't give up under the rigors of road racing and breaking traction on all four wheels is about equal.
The Bocar is a very rare and truly historical automobile for American motorsports. Only three of these are thought to have been built. This is one of the two survivors and the only supercharged Stiletto. This ex-Bob Carnes "team" car was built to compete against the Scarabs. Carnes raced this Stiletto at Daytona, Pikes Peak (in the snow!) and even drag raced it. After Carnes, the Stiletto was raced by Bob Spooner (who ran the Purple People Eater Corvette) including competing at the 1963 USRRC race at Road America. The Stiletto retains its 1963 USRRC livery to this day.
The Bocar Stiletto recently went through some major safety modifications and upgrades. The suspension, fuel tank, and engine were all updated as well as the addition of a roll cage.
Of the three Bocar Stilettos known, this is the only one in running condition and is Bob Carnes' "factory" race car built to compete with the Scarabs. Carnes entered drag races, road races, and hill climbs including Daytona and Pikes Peak. In 1961, his factory burned, destroying the molds and damaging this Stiletto. Carnes was able to acquire a couple of spare bodies and rebuilt the car using the original chassis, suspension, brakes and transmission; but with a new engine and Hilborn injection. Several owners have raced the car in various SCCA and USRRC races. The Bocar Stiletto, with its unique front mounted supercharged injected engine and Kurtis torsion bar suspension, is perhaps the most recognizable and outlandish American special prior to the rear-engine revolution.

. Price is $325,000.00 US

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