1953 Austin-Healey 100/4 and from the serial # we believe it is one of the initial 45 cars (before the "production run" of Austin Healey 100/4s) built by Donald Healey.

The motor is a 2660cc Austin( and I believe is the original motor)

the Transmission is a manual 3-speed with a reversed shift pattern. Fourth(4th) gear is an Overdrive with a switch on the Dash. It is difficult to describe this, but the shift pattern is reversed with the assumption that the Driver would be on the right side of the car--shifting with the left hand--but the car is a left hand driver. The wheels are A-H Wire Spoked wheels.

The mods to the car are: the seats are pure race seats and--racing seat belts--also a new roll bar to meet the latest SCCA standards.
The A-H has an onboard fire suppression system. The A-H has the convertible top and frame removed -- and the front brakes are Disc Brakes(as I recall-from a later model A -H)( I believe from a 100/6). As for the suspension- (locked Differential) --and body, a front sway bar was added, removed the bumpers, replaced the shocks with new, replaced the glass Windscreen with a racing (plastic-cutdown) wind screen--a roll bar--and a "Fuel Safe" Fuel Cell--and--added the mirrors. The Electric Fuel Pump and the Battery have been moved to the trunk. Only the differential has been replaced(during current ownership). The Trans and Overdrive were "destroyed" (two years ago) in a race at PIR two years ago and have been rebuilt-so the motor, trans and O/D are original and as far as is know the Trans and O'drive are original. The only mod to the motor has been "screw on" type oil filter.

Many pictures available on photobucket link. Please PM for that link.

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Hi Kelly,

Nice car ! Is is really a pre-production model ? Do you have a VIN and body number ? Do you still have some of the parts that have been removed to make it a racer ? Must be great fun to drive, can it still go on the road ?




Please e-mail me at kelly@classictag.net

I will send you the photobucket link and we can talk about the car.



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