Dear VRL Crew,

I just moved to the United Kingdom from Texas. Was wondering if anyone knows a good website for the vintage motor racing scene here in the UK. Would love to check out some of the events and report back.



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I did a little web surfing and found a vintage racing photographer's site with links that might be of interest:
Edge Photographic

Looking at this photographer's page, I believe vintage racing is doing quite well over there:
Masters Racing Series '07 Brands Hatch 25th

I'm looking forward to reading your updates. Best of luck to you, and Cheers Ya'll!

Hey Mike,
I was just looking at my Web stats and found this site through the link to my site (edgephotographic). Now that I'm here I'll have a look around.

To the original poster, I guess you've found lots of links by now but I highly recommend you try a Vintage Sports Car Club event some time - for us vintage officially means pre-1930 but at a VSCC meeting you'll see everything from Edwardian racing cars(!) up to more modern stuff - and by more modern, I mean 1950s. Check what's happening when here. They'll be at Cadwell on 31st August. Oh, and the Precott meeting over the weekend of 2nd-3rd August has a terrific atmosphere - this is a hill-climb rather than a circuit race though.

Hi Mike,

This is absolutely perfect. I checked on the photographers page and found the Historic Sports Car Club website. They are going to have a race meeting this weekend at Cadwell Park. I am going to do my best to get up there and will report back as to how the event goes.

Thank you for the link.


check out htp://
Dear Dave and Mike,

Thank you for the suggestions, I took you up on them! After visiting hte photographers site I found the Historic Sports Car Club site who had a race meeting at Cadwell Park this past weekend, so I went. Met some great people and saw some fantastic cars. I posted a few photos up at my diary if you are interested!

I will be making every effort to get myself into the goodwood revival later this year. What an unbelievable event, and since I live in the UK I have no excuses not to be there. Unless of course the ferrari bosses call me up to drive their F1 car.
Dear Michael
I'm glad the site and your blog are being helpful.
There is a hilarious video of a 1960's race at Cadwell Park in the Video section of this site.
A chap called "The Weasel" wins the race.
You should watch it and share it with your friends.
Please invite your friends to join a Group that you create.
It'll be your own Social Network, hosted on us.
Good luck :-))
All the best - Stephen
On the serious side check out this 'Hot' lap of Cadwell in a Radical,,,

I hear that there might be a Pre-1955 (Drum brake) race event there next May 25th bank holiday weekend 2009...if anyone out there has a vintage racer that will fit into this era let me know.

Cheers from Chichester
nr. Goodwood
If anyone out there thinks that Cadwell is too narrow to pass...think again....check out this video clip:

They call it the 'Mini' Nurgurgring over here....built in 1934 and untouched by modern guard rails and safety walls....Perfect place for your pre-1955 racer.
If anyone needs more information on Cadwell this is their site:

Try contacting the VSCC based in Chipping Norton. They run a great series of race and hill climb events and have members with all manner of cars and budgets.
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