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5 Most Valuable Considerations when Selling Your Car

To a lot of people, their vehicle is one of the most valuable assets they own. Therefore, selling it is a matter that requires careful consideration. Sure, a lot of people believe that every model has its price and that there’s not much you can do about it, but you would be surprised just how picky people get when choosing a vehicle. A tiny misstep might make your job of selling your car much more complicated, while a simple hack might significantly boost its…


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5 Quick Tips to Get Your Car Travel Ready

With the spring already unfolding, millions of Australians are going to take advantage of good weather and make the most of weekends ahead. However, when it comes to road trips, both long and short, your pack mule needs to be in top shape. Make sure you’ve ticked these five boxes before you fuel that gas to the top and shift the lever into D.…


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How to Become a Vintage Car Dealer?

The appeal in becoming a vintage car dealer lies in two important factors. First of all, it means selling a commodity for which there is a high demand. This means that even with the minimal amount of marketing, you will be able to attract a large customer basis. Second, unlike being a regular car dealer, it is a branch with significantly less competition, which means that you will, more or less, be able to dictate your own terms and prices, at least in your…


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4 Hacks to Boost Your Old Car's Resale Value

Finally, you’ve saved up enough money for a new car. But what about your old one? It would be a good idea to sell it, so you have more money for the new one. But is your car ready for a…


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How to Safely Transport Your Vintage Car

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to another part of the country or visiting a classic car show, chances are that you won’t drive your vintage car. With every mile adding up, not to mention the risk of accident or maintenance issues, driving your classic car is a risky affair. No matter how much you enjoy inspiring awe with the old Detroit V8 rumble, transporting a vintage car is always a better alternative. Whichever option you choose, there are things you should know…


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Car Tyre Manufacturing - Then and Now

Resilient rubber compound, steel belts and the air inside – for most of us that’s what tyres are all about. While it might have been the case decades ago, today’s tyre manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of the design, building entirely new concepts. Let’s look at what has changed and how modern tyres have evolved through time.…


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