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At 10:01am on January 23, 2013, Stephen Page said…

Hi Mike

Sorry to have missed you on Chat.

Thank you for all your wonderful contributions.

You are a great VRL partner !!!!
All the best - Stephen

At 6:40am on October 30, 2011, Richard Herron said…
Oh and yes Mike some of my art is digital. About a third is done using acrylics.
At 6:20am on October 30, 2011, Richard Herron said…


The advice is good. I have quite a few irons in the fire I don't know if I could manage a group on the VRL. Anyone who is an automotive artist can apply as indicated on their site. They do have to have artistic merit. This is not exactly clear but a rule of thumb is that it helps if the artwork is following principles of art such as showing an understanding of proportion, contrast, pattern, harmony, and also tell a s story. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principles_of_art. I would like to see some of your artwork and perhaps could tell you what I think before you submit. Send me some low res jpgs at classicautopicks@aol.com. I prefer working directly through e-mails. It would be great to have other artists on this side of the Atlantic.

At 11:15am on May 19, 2011, Gary Savage said…
Great pics, Mike!  Thanks for sharing those.  It sure was a fun weekend!  Let's do it again!  ;-)
At 8:30am on May 18, 2011, Gary Savage said…

Hey Mike!  Great to hear from you.  I sure had a blast at the Trans-Am Invitational and Keith was great to let me co-drive with him.  It got even better when I was able to run the main when Kevin Bruce let me drive his Shelby!  I hope to make it out there again in the near future.  Currently working on getting sponsors to run the World Challenge in a GT Corvette (had one for beginning of the season but they flaked out, so back at it), but looks like I will be doing some vintage stuff this year, as well. 


Definitely cool to see Jess doing his thing in the 'Cuda.  Pikes Peak would be one heck of an event to run, for sure.  Maybe some day!  :-)

At 2:29pm on July 15, 2010, Richard Morrison said…
Oops, that was Rick Hamlin that also drove up the Goodwood Hill.
Rich Morrison
At 2:28pm on July 15, 2010, Richard Morrison said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes. The Liquid Suspension Special went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and I got to go along. I drove up the hill 4 times and Bobby Unser and my friend, restorer and Pikes Peak navigator drove once each. I then went to Classic Le Mans and celebrated there. It was a great trip.
Rich Morrison
At 7:28pm on July 9, 2010, Tom Malone said…
Hello Mike,
Jess Neal may be interested in a book like Chris Salyer's.
Would you like to add photos again? Photo credit would be given to you.
Looked for more shots of pikes peak 2010. Any more then the 3 pages?
I am on the quest of getting Vintage off road race cars to pikes peak for a class.
e-mailed with Paul Dallenbach and waiting for a reply from Parnelli Jones.
Wouldn't it be cool to see "Big Oly" racing up the hill.
Later Tom
At 7:26pm on July 1, 2010, Tom Malone said…
Hi Mike, Can't wait to see them all.

Memorial weekend took some off road mud racing pictures.

See lower left image. http://www.pbase.com/jeepertom

This mud was so thick that after making 3 test runs my Jeep would not restart,

so I took pictures.

Later Tom
At 8:02pm on June 29, 2010, Tom Malone said…
Hi Mike,
How did the race go and your pictures? Send me the link when they are on your website.
I enjoyed your great shots you had from the race this Spring. In Mn. I listened on web radio
for the pike's peak event. The web TV I found was only 2 camers, start and finish.
The start camera only was on for a short time and the finish camera never worked.
Marc LaNoue that I meet last year had a rider take his place in the Vintage Motorcycle class and took 1st (Chuck Lee) Hope to hear from you soon, Tom
At 9:29pm on May 27, 2010, Tom Malone said…
Hi Mike
Great shots!!! Looks like Off Roding in the Midwest when we ran 25 mile long laps.
4 times for 100 miles. It even looks like the road gets yorn up from the tires.
Pike's Peak Gravel was like cement. Will keep going back to your site to see more. Thanks Tom
At 9:26pm on May 24, 2010, Tom Malone said…
Hi Mike
Did you get to the Hill Climb last month?
Would really like to see some of the shots.
Later Tom
At 7:53pm on May 17, 2010, Tom Malone said…
Mike, How was the Hill Climb??
At 6:17pm on April 15, 2010, Tom Malone said…
Hi Mike,
Chris got the book today, waiting for reply as to his reaction.
Thanks again for the shots in the book.
How many pike's Peak type races are held out in your area?
Would like to visit the sites if possible. Later Tom
At 12:45pm on March 23, 2010, Dan Poush said…
Mike, Yes we do have a variety of weather. last year, opening day, we had hail to bad that we actually red flagged when the track began to look white.
Speeking of racing in the rain, have you read the book written by a racer in Seattle about "The art of Racing in the Rain". One of the greatest books I have read. The story is told through the eyes of his dog. So funny and very touching at the same time.
At 9:57am on February 7, 2010, Tom Malone said…
O.K. Mike, Now lets get down to the reason why I was at Pike's Peak.
In the Vintage class would they allow a 1968 Jeep run in that class?
Or is it for 2 wheel drive cars? Thanks , Tom
At 6:14pm on February 5, 2010, Dennis Gray said…
Mike. Thanks for the comment on the SportscarDigest.com feature. Dennis
At 5:55pm on January 28, 2010, Tom Malone said…
Hi Mike, Sorry to see that you have no interest in putting your pictures in the book about Chris Salyer at Pike's Peak. I am still willing to let the Vintage Class for Pike's Peak if
Andrea Adam's is O.K. with that. Let me know. Thanks Tom
At 11:53am on November 15, 2009, Dennis Gray said…
If interested please send me your e-mail. Thanks. Dennis Gray gray44@pacbell.net
At 10:40pm on November 9, 2009, speedfever007 said…
Thanks Mike, I haven't been on here in some time.

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