The attached PowerPoint describes the development of the Texas Museum of Automotive History in Fair Park, Dallas USA. We need world-class cars, money and unique memorabilia.

Please contact me directly at

Stephen Page


The Vintage Racing League

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If you love racing and cars, please plan to attend our Hard Hat Party at the Grand Place Building in Fair Park, Dallas, TX USA Thursday May 20th at 7pm (see Events section on ).
The attached ppt. presentation describes the TMAH and tthe Restoration Factory Program.

Our updated presentation describes our Museum based Charter School - teaching life and work skills to men and women, 15-18, through the metaphor of a Restoration Factory within the Museum - see:

Stephen Page

Chairman & CEO


Thank you for adding this to VRL. Gives a great snapshot of TMAH Charter School program. I'm excited to see the changed lives and attitudes of perspective students.


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