Thought all the car junkies (like myself) could enjoy a look in my garage at the current project.

--1967 Lola T70 rebuild progress report--

Well the new trans axle and 383 SBC are complete dyno shows at 457 @ 5800 RPM. This should be a great engine for the Renegade 930 5 speed transaxle. I have the
rear trans axle cradle done and the whole assembly now lifts in and out after
you disconnect the wiring and the hoses. The engine was moved 2.5” forward and
lowered 1” for better weight distribution and to have a straight line from the
hubs to the 930 outputs under load. On disassembly the axles were found to be
1" long and the stub axles had been mushroomed when the car bottomed so
new axles and assemblies are in order I’ll machine new hubs and have the
splines EDM cut. Luckily the threads and wall was heavy enough I can machine
.64 smaller and rethread for new nuts.

  as received cut cradle no support.

Modified for the 930 transaxle


Axle Alignment and damaged stub axles.



The foot box and leg length had to be changed to fit the 6’ 4” owner. Also the pedal radio was very low and required extreme pressure to lock the brakes. I
made the box 3” wider and replaced the pedals with a Wilwood under hung 5:1
assembly. This also placed the pedals centered on the size 12 foot for best
pressure control and heel toe corners. This also opens the steering rack area
for much needed changes.


The way it was



changes to be done                                                     New pedals



3” wider and 4” further to front of tub



The tub was swiss cheese from 45 years of mods and maltreatment so 142 holes and 21 patches were needed to close the tub back up and make it ready for the new
seats and hardware.




This is the original box with 2:1 pedals (can you say push real hard to stop) and 10" of room way small for a size 12 feet





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Lots of work done,more to come. Nice car and history too. Can't wait to see and hear the final product.
hope to have the car done by January--will keep you posted.
Finally have new pics of the progress--should be race ready in New Year!

Thanks for the new pictures. Lots of work done and only a little more to do. Can't wait to see the final car.

----Finally an update on the LOLA T70------

I'm working on finishing the Lola by the end of May (crunch time). Here are the latest shots of the new interior etc.. The back of the seat to the steering wheel is 30" and the bottom of the seat to the roof is 36". Lots of room in the foot box. Will be off for final paint soon. Enjoy the pics below.



Looking like a proper race car now. I love the wooden gearshift nob. See you at Monterey this year.

Drum roll please the 1967 Lola T-70 is fully restored!


Took some pictures next to my 1957 Townsend Typhoon MK2 so show what 10 years in the racing world looks like.

Whew, now prepping for Monterey & my MK2.


Way to go. A real beauty.


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