For Sale: 1969 Forsgrini Mk12 Formula Ford.
Contact Greg Lovell 253-332-3157
Forsgrini Mk12 Formula Ford, serial number 12026902, built in April 1969 by Forsgren Engineering in Issaquah, Washington. The Mk12 was derived from the SCCA Formula C Championship winning Forsgrini Mk10 chassis, with a very similar frame, and identical fiberglass. According to The Anatomy and Development of the Formula Ford Race Car, the Forsgrini Mk12 is thought to be the first Formula Ford manufactured in the United States.
The frame is completely new except for a few pieces that we reused for historical reasons, built from scratch by Archie Hodge in 2008/2009. It is completely square, everything is exactly where it ought to be.


The rear suspension was rebuilt last winter. It has the same geometry as the original, but the new a-arms carry the toe link ends in cups instead of threaded bungs, so now the toe can be adjusted easily without having to separate the a-arm from the upright. I have jigging for the new a-arms. The trailing arms and lateral links are new, and use both left and right hand threaded rod ends, so are also much easier to adjust than the originals. Several of the front suspension pieces are new. The shocks are the original Armstrongs.


New tie rods. The steering box is the original Forsgrini Mk12 aluminum casting with a machined square solid steel rack riding in it. The steel shaft is new, there is a lighter tube shaft with the same dimensions, but it will require some welding and a little machine work to use. 


Legal Cortina engine block with an uprated head and steel caps. Cast pistons and crank. There are two distributors, a Bosch points distributor, and a Pertronix electronic distributor in the box. The oil tank is a medium sized oil tank from BAT, hung off the left side of the transmission. The radiator is a new custom radiator built this past winter by Seattle Radiator.

Transmission and Drive

The transmission is a Hewland Mk4. There are a few spare gear sets. The driveshafts are nearly new, with donuts inboard and u-joints outboard, all with just a few hours total on them.


All the hydraulics are Girling, the brake calipers Girling 12SPs on all the corners. The wheels are steel with Spitfire centers. There are a few spare Wellers. The tires are the spec Dunlops, they have two weekends on them, were new in July 2010, have always been stored inside.


The Forsgrini body is very similar to a Lotus 41. There are three body pieces: two sidepods, and the main body that includes the pilot surround and the nose. These are the original Forsgren Engineering parts. The main body is in excellent shape, the sidepods are ok. I also have a main body mold that was made 15 or so years ago from the body. It's been used to make several bodies. It's not perfect, but is serviceable.

Other Stuff

The fasteners are all AN/MS/NAS. Nearly all were replaced over the winter. The fire system is a one year old Emergency Suppression System fire bottle, mounted under the seat, with a trigger on the dash. The tank is the original aluminum fuel tank modified by Fuel Safe to hold a foam-filled Fuel Safe bladder. 

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