Growing the (My Vintage Racing League) website

Ladies and Gentlemen
We started the website with 50 invitations.
Within 30 days the site has grown to almost 200 members.
Please invite your fellow racers, friends and the principals of any clubs and/or marques to join.
Please post pictures and videos to your individual profiles when you get a chance.
Thank you for joining and for your comittment to making the most compelling site for lovers of vintage and exotic cars.
Please let us know how we can improve the site.
Happy New Year.
Warmest regrads - Stephen Page

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Stephen, I know more than a few have joined based on me happily spreading the word. One thing that would be nice is an actual forum to include different sub groups, i.e., small bore production, American Iron, Formula, etc.

Also, the ability to email a member that is not on your friends list without having to leave a public comment.

This is off to a great start and I'm sure will suffer some growing pains due to growing demand of bandwidth, etc. I'm sure you'll run out very fast since you have allowed the ability to direct upload video and photo.

This is a killer place to be.

I have really enjoyed the Vintage Racing League "MyVRL" site since joining a few weeks ago. I agree with Tom and would also like to see some way to email members without the message being a public comment. Primarily I would like to contact you regarding some pending Colorado race and concours schedules, but my emails to you have been bounced back.

Other than that, I believe the site is a hit and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.

Mike Rogers


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