im familiar with vintage racing and vintage cars that ive seen locally and nationally, but was curious, what is the definition of a vintage car? does it have to be european and a certain age? does it have to have a notable history? what does 'vintage' actually mean? thanks for your ideas and opinions, all are welcome.

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If you're looking for a definitive definition in your area, you have to look to your local vintage/historic race organization. For example, within the 27 member organizations of the VMC, they run from the VSCCA which only allows cars built prior to Dec. 31, 1959 (unless it is a 1960 or 1961 car that is virtually identical to what was built in Dec. '59.) to HSR that has classes for quite new cars that are no longer competitive in current racing.

In some classes, a car must have a "vintage" racing history to be allowed. It all depends on the rules of the organization. So, I suggest that you go to: and explore. And, get to some races and talk to drivers. You'll have fun and learn a lot.


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