the 2009 Car-Art Limited Edition "Garage Sale"

Dear Friends & Fellow Classic Car Enthusiasts,

Once again we are offering a small number of Limited Edition Prints at a 50% discount (that's right: fifty percent!!!) in order to raise money to pre-finance upcoming film & DVD productions.

These specific prints are all actual exhibition pieces from previous art shows and therefore unique. The regular prices range from $390.- - $410.-. You however can now support our automotive filming efforts by buying them for only $200.-/print + tax + shipping.

They are approximately: h = 16in (40cm) w = 21in (54cm) and of superb print quality.

You can look at better resolutions on the web here:

Below are three beautiful large size print "one-offs". Excellent quality. Size approximately 25in (63cm)high by 35in (89cm wide). I am giving them away for just under $400.- (+tax & shipping) each.

Please help to support our great film-projects with your purchase. And please feel free to forward this blog far and wide. Just copy and past the thumbnail of the print that you are interested in into an email back to me.


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Comment by Alexander Davidis on July 26, 2009 at 8:03pm
You can email me directly at: [email protected]

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